Software & Services That Enable the Integration of Disparate Systems Using Common XML Standards


About Applied PilotFish Healthcare Integration

Delivering Healthcare Integration Solutions That Enable Interoperability Between All Entities in the Healthcare Ecosystem

Applied PilotFish Healthcare Integration is a subsidiary of PilotFish Technology. Founded in 2001 and based in Middletown, CT, PilotFish Technology develops middleware to enable the integration of disparate systems. Applied PilotFish Healthcare Integration distributes these products directly to healthcare industry end users and through select channel partners. Applied PilotFish Healthcare Integration also provides implementation services and training to support these product offerings.

Applied PilotFish Healthcare Integration was formed as a separate entity with a mission to help organizations achieve healthcare interoperability. By providing a comprehensive suite of solutions developed to support HL7 and other healthcare standards, Applied PilotFish Healthcare Integration has been able to help healthcare organizations achieve that goal.

Applied PilotFish Healthcare Integration products enable interoperability between all entities in the healthcare ecosystem, whether it is between medical devices or equipment and various hospital systems, databases or applications, medical labs who need to communicate and exchange data with a diversity of clients, solution providers whose systems may not be natively interoperable with their client’s systems, payers whose data exchange requirements may vastly differ from their clients or HIEs whose hundreds of information exchange partners don't speak their exact "language”. These products include:

eiConsole for Healthcare – An interface engine IDE for the creation, testing, deployment and management of end-to-end interfaces and process orchestrations. It provides a graphical "Assembly Line" process to streamline interface configuration and offers the most healthcare-specific and time-saving features of any product. The eiConsole's unique, three-pane data mapper makes easy work of transforming any data format to any other, a critical step in achieving interoperability.

eiPlatform interface engine – A high performance, secure, and scalable runtime complement to the eiConsole for Healthcare. Interfaces developed in the eiConsole can be deployed to production on the eiPlatform with just a few mouse-clicks where they run in unattended mode. Its advanced and flexible architecture supports almost limitless deployment models including any combination of: point-to-point integration, common model, hub and spoke, federated and more. The eiPlatform enables data exchange with any entity – in other words, interoperability with everyone and everything.

PilotFish Interface Exchange (PIE) – An "App Store" for eiConsole interfaces, interface components and related products. The PIE promises to revolutionize how the healthcare industry develops and deploys standards-based interfaces, facilitates collaboration and maximizes reuse. With the PIE, the healthcare industry can achieve interoperability of all entities in a fraction of the time previously possible.

eiPortal for Healthcare Integration – A self-service, cloud application that provides all of the resources required to establish standardized initial and ongoing healthcare information exchange. The eiPortal combines a web repository of information and documentation needed to build interfaces to a hosting organization’s system with an automated testing, validation and message simulation facility to enable self-service implementation of those interfaces.

These products, alone or in combination, enable interoperability. We welcome your inquiries for direct sales or for distributor opportunities. Interested parties should contact 860-632-9900 or sales.


Used by Fortune 500 companies and State Government to rapidly create end-to-end interfaces. A "self-documenting" Assembly Line, configurable connectivity, transformation, data manipulation, validation and testing components allow you to interface anything to anything, faster and easier. Leverage the most HL7 features of any product and our exclusive "App Store" for pre developed interfaces. Try it FREE for 90 Days today!