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PilotFish is Back for Its 10th Year at HiMSS March 15-17, 2022 in Orlando, FL

Live Demos, Back-to-back of PilotFish’s 5 Star Rated Graphical Interface Engine Solution at Booth #6659

Visitors will be wowed once again by the amazing simplicity of PilotFish’s graphical assembly line process as the presenter steps through the eiConsole’s 7 stages to configure an interface. Instead of looking at code, visitors witness a visual process with drop-down menus, drag & drop features and menu-driven configuration. PilotFish blows away the competition with its ease of use, powerful performance and specialized features for working with HL7 and X12 EDI standards. No matter how complex, integrations are handled by the same methodology each and every time. Designed for use by both seasoned software engineers and BAs, PilotFish delivers the greatest flexibility for your organization.

New this year is X12 EDI SNIP Type 1 to 7 support that goes beyond the SNIP Types 1-3 validation which was included in the core product.

  • Validation has been moved outside of the transformation module to a stand-alone rules-driven EDI SNIP Validation Processor
  • SNIP Types 4-5, as an add-on, are now supported within this processor
  • SNIP Types 6-7 can be configured to support trading partner-specific requirements

For SNIP Type 4, PilotFish evaluates a robust set of semantic rules defined in the implementation X12 guides. The new support for SNIP Type includes all external codes in a database, checks for valid code in the database and flags errors to report and easily address them. In addition, the SNIP Types 4 and 5 add-on offers users regular code updates/maintenance.

PilotFish automatically generates rules directly from the schema of the implementation guide for a one-to-one match. This enforces consistency of syntax. PilotFish support for SNIP Types 6 and 7 offers the ability to customize codes to your own business type and needs. 

This new extended X12 EDI support, along with PilotFish’s full-featured support for HL7, offers users the most comprehensive enterprise integration solution for healthcare on the market.

Visitors are invited to stop by Booth #6659 (see location on map below) for a demo and a complimentary free PilotFish stuffed fish as our gift to you for watching a demo.

Interested parties can schedule meetings at the booth or for after the conference.

PilotFish offers users a Full-Product 90-Day Trial, the longest trial period offered on the market.


Applied PilotFish Healthcare Integration, Inc. (PilotFish) is a subsidiary of PilotFish Technology, LLC. Founded in 2001 and based in Middletown, Conn. PilotFish develops products and provides services to enable the integration of disparate systems, applications, equipment and devices across the healthcare industry. The products are distributed directly to healthcare providers, solution providers and through direct channel partners.

Visit Healthcare.PilotFishTechnology.com for more information.

HIMSS 2022 Exhibitor Healthcare IT Conference Booth Map

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