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Supercharge Your ACORD Implementations

Supercharge Acord Implementations with PilotFish Middleware

Innovate, Integrate and Expedite Your Implementations by “Bundling” PilotFish with Your Own Software Application Solutions!

Ensure your product’s success by bundling the only integration solution that supports all insurance lines of business: Life, Annuities, Health, Reinsurance and Property & Casualty. No other integration product suite offers the direct and comprehensive built-in support for ACORD that has enabled us to achieve a perfect track record of 100% on-time and within-budget implementations. Leverage its success and make it your own!

Leverage PilotFish and You’ll be in Good Company

Dozens of industry leaders have chosen PilotFish to support their software application integration efforts. Whether Cloud, Software as a Service, on-premises or hybrid – PilotFish has served the insurance industry for nearly 20 years by providing the solutions to meet your integration needs.

High profile distributors have selected PilotFish to complement their customer’s enterprise integration strategies by bundling PilotFish with their offerings. In fact, most of the leading carriers are PilotFish connection points, either directly as clients or through one of our distributors. PilotFish has been delivering value and performance with solutions to enterprise integration from Agency Management to Straight-Through Processing to policy administration. Over the years we have done it all!

Bundling PilotFish Software with Your Products or Offerings Allows:

  • Your product development staff to focus on your company’s core product offerings.
  • More rapid systems integration and deployment to realize revenue sooner.
  • Compatibility with your customer’s IT infrastructure by supporting all popular Databases, Application Servers, Operating Systems and Platforms.

With the eiConsole (our graphical IDE developer’s workstation), your staff can quickly assume responsibility for building, managing and maintaining all your company’s interfaces to and from the systems you need to connect to. The eiConsole with its Automated Interface Assembly Line process is the most user-friendly graphical development tool on the market. It will allow your developers to build interfaces faster and maintain them more easily than previously possible. By leveraging the eiConsole you can:

  • Visually show your customers exactly how you’ll integrate your software application with their systems.
  • Achieve a ten-fold increase in productivity with drag & drop data mapping and point & click interface configuration.
  • Leverage technical Business Analysts to free up software engineering expertise for other tasks.
  • Directly read in both the ACORD Schema and ACORD Metadata files – whether they are LAH, PCS or RLC.
  • Directly import AL3 formats for P&C customers.
  • Be more productive with ACORD-specific features and components designed to save you time and money.

We make bundling easy by offering several deployment options including a white label solution that gives you total control and flexibility. We’ll help you get started with a proven implementation plan including training and a pilot. Want to learn more about Bundling Your Application with PilotFish?

If you’re curious about the software features, free trial, or even a demo – we’re ready to answer any and all questions. Please call us at 860 632 9900 or click the button.

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