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ACORD Licenses PilotFish Technology’s XCS eiConsole to Support Schema Management

PilotFish Tool Provides Powerful Schema Management Capabilities Including Schema Cropping and Automated Sub-Schema Creation

(BUSINESS WIRE) Oct. 7, 2008 – PilotFish Technology is pleased to announce that ACORD, Pearl River, NY, has licensed PilotFish Technology’s flagship products, the XCS eiPlatform and eiConsole to help support their own internal Schema management.

“As demand for tighter integration increases, ACORD needed a way to manage schema’s including creating sub-schemas as well as testing them against XML transactions,” said Lloyd Chumbley, Assistant Vice President, Standards. “The eiConsole has allowed us to do this in a user-friendly environment.”

“Our core insurance expertise comes shining through with the latest set of schema maintenance enhancements to our XCS eiConsole”, said Neil Schappert, president and CEO, of PilotFish Technology. “We are delighted that ACORD has recognized our expertise and has selected our tools to add value to the schema management process. We believe our tools will make it far easier for companies to implement the standard and reap its benefits.”

“It was important to us to have a vendor with deep insurance expertise not just in the industry but in our current standards because it allows them to be innovative in providing solutions to solve our technical challenges,” added Mr. Chumbley.

The extensive Schema management capabilities of the XCS eiConsole include: •Support any schema format, including ACORD and custom canonicals •Easily document schema elements, both inline and for external publication •Graphically Add, Edit, Delete and Move schema elements •Navigate schema constructs through a simple tree •Crop schemas with a single click •Natively support extended ACORD type codes and code lists •Manage extensions independently of a base schema •Intelligently search large schemas such as ACORD

The XCS eiPlatform is a complete Java framework that leverages application server technology, web services and industry XML standards to enable the deployment of internal and external system interfaces. The XCS eiConsole is a Graphical Integrated Development Environment comprised of an innovative suite of tools that facilitates far easier data mapping, schema management, the transformation of flat and delimited files, and the building, managing, and maintaining of interfaces.

About PilotFish Technology

Founded in 2001 and based in Middletown, CT, PilotFish Technology provides comprehensive software and services to enable the integration of disparate systems using XML standards. Whether developing simple point-to-point interfaces or a comprehensive Service Oriented Architecture, PilotFish integration tools can help to dramatically shorten project timelines, reduce risk and improve the quality of deliverables. For more information, visit www.pilotfishtechnology.com, or for press or marketing inquiries, contact Monika Vainius at 860 632-9900 x 303.


Based in Pearl River, NY, ACORD is a nonprofit association whose mission is to facilitate the development and use of standards for the insurance, reinsurance and related financial services industries.

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