Car Rental XML API Integration

Car Rental XML API Integration

Car rentals are in great demand for travelers and business people alike. Customers are looking for affordable rates, dependable vehicles, and fast online booking options. A Car rental API is a software component of car rental service provider websites or car rental search websites that allow their trading partners to search for great car deals and to manage car rental reservations. These software solutions provide a powerful booking platform, enabling travelers to shop for rental cars and to complete reservations online from anywhere.

Integration with leading online car rental reservation agencies can make your service available to your clients 24/7. With your business working round the clock, we can help take your company to a completely new level. Typically, APIs support effective operating management tools, providing information about staff members, inventory and open hours. Using car rental APIs, agencies can easily track car availability and rental activity at their locations.

Car Rental XML API features

Note: PilotFish does not provide any kind of travel API ourselves. Instead, we provide a set of software tools that help you integrate any API into your system.

PilotFish can integrate your website with car rental booking engines that reflect the full range of services presented by numerous car rental suppliers, without affecting the speed and accuracy of multiple connectivity. Our developers offer a detailed list of parameters, which can be modified in accordance with your needs and preferences. We can integrate as many or as few rental options as you wish.
Among the most commonly used features are vehicle categories, vehicle types, specified pick-up and drop-off locations and schedules. A user can specify a search by car company name, type of vehicle or vehicle equipment options. Generally, car rental APIs allow you to retain your client’s information, creating a database of local customers. Also, we can create an admin panel that gives you full control of commissions, user profiles, and distribution channels.

When a reservation comes from your website, it is automatically confirmed in a supplier’s system, credit card payment is processed and an invoice is sent to the client.

PilotFish helps develop integration solutions for a variety of clients – from small online websites to large-scale tour operators. Implementing a car rental XML solution can be used as a standalone solution or in combination with flight or hotel booking APIs if you would like to offer your clients comprehensive dynamic packaging options.

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