Chained Transactions

Chained Transactions

The eiConsole Will Allow You to Call an External Route (Interface) Using the Call Route Processor

The eiConsole will allow you to call an external route (interface) using the Call Route Processor. As with all the components of the eiConsole, the user is presented with a graphical interface with easy to configure panels.

Call Route Processor Add Processor Panel

First – Name the Processor: CallOutForSemanticEnrichment and hit Add.

Call Route Processor Name the Processor Panel

There are two configuration items required for this Processor. First, add a Listener Name. If you are calling a synchronous route, provide the Listener Name and a Timeout. This name should match the name of a retrievable or programmable Listener in another route. If the route does not return a synchronous response in the specified timeout, an exception will be thrown.

Call Route Processor Configuration Panel

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