Cruise XML API Integration

Cruise XML API Integration

All stakeholders in the travel industry are currently facing many business challenges. Cruise companies are no exception. Implementation of an online booking engine with cruise APIs or, in particular, with the Amadeus cruise API can significantly improve the performance of your business. Despite the general trend of booking a cruise online, 90% of cruises are still booked offline in the old-fashioned way. You can use that to your advantage. A cruise booking API solution can easily help you to leave competitors in the dust.

Cruise APIs, which are usually provided by suppliers, offer all the benefits of real-time itinerary pricing and availability, detailed multimedia content, a help desk and 24/7 support. With our solution, you can get your costs down and relieve the pressure on your call center. You can automate the entire process and convert telephone and face-to-face contact bookings into online bookings.

Cruise API integration

Note: PilotFish does not provide any kind of travel API ourselves. Instead, we provide a set of software tools that help you integrate any API into your system.

Cruise booking software includes technologies similar to other travel industry software. Cruise XML API integration offers the ability to add new tourism products, payment systems, B2B and B2C booking engines and back office solutions. As a rule, online bookings are made from web interfaces.

B2C booking engines offer the ability to book tickets from social media and mobile travel applications. Mobile applications are gaining in popularity. If you want to attract new customers, it’s not enough to go online, you have to go mobile. We can help you.

PilotFish can easily integrate your software with a global travel distribution system, such as Amadeus. It is a well-known and respected transaction processor for the tourism and travel industry. A system like this provides services which include search, booking, pricing, and ticketing in real-time.

The Amadeus cruise API from PilotFish connects you to the global distribution channel. It is the most efficient way of booking cruises. With PilotFish’s eiConsole for OpenTravel we configure the interfaces which are capable of exchanging data with any system or systems and offer you tremendous flexibility.

From a technical standpoint, cruise APIs establish a connection between the global distribution system and your reservation system, enabling you to view real-time inventory and cruise availability. Our specialists will make sure that the travel solution we build for you has all the functionality you need. We can integrate any features you need into an application, making your life easier and your business more profitable and effective.

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