PilotFish Product Tutorials

PilotFish offers a complete, onsite training program to get started with and master its suite of products. Part of this training program includes generally available materials including training videos, written tutorials, and relevant examples. Users may access and download these materials using the links below.

It is strongly recommended that new users begin by viewing the full selection of training videos and then follow the available tutorials in sequence. Click this link to view full descriptions of the TRAINING VIDEOS. The tutorials are organized into sections; each tutorial within a section builds on the tutorial prior to it.

Please contact PilotfFish at 860 632 9900 if you are interested in custom or individual training.

1. Executive Overview of the PilotFish Implementation at the State of Connecticut (TRAINING VIDEO)


2. PilotFish 101 – An Introduction to the eiConsole (TRAINING VIDEO)


3. Data Mapping in the eiConsole – The Basics (TRAINING VIDEO)


4. Data Mapping in the eiConsole – XSLT and other advanced topics (TRAINING VIDEO)


5. SQLXML – Working with Databases and the eiConsole (TRAINING VIDEO)


6. Flat File Conversions – Using the File Spec Editor to convert files to and from XML (TRAINING VIDEO)


7. Workflows & Data Orchestration – Combining routes with the eiConsole, error handling & notification (TRAINING VIDEO)


8. PilotFish 201 – Working with environment variables, transaction attributes and OGNL (TRAINING VIDEO)

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