Flight Search and Booking API Integration. Flight Status and Tracker XML Integration

Flight Search and Booking API Integration

Today companies in the travel industry are facing tough competition and are forced to search for new, more efficient IT solutions for running their businesses. A Flight API is a great way to create seamless connectivity between airlines, travel agencies and tour operators. Working in the travel industry requires effective promotion and modern software solutions. Using the Flight search API can improve your overall performance, enabling immediate price search and comparison.

Flight API Integration With Other Services

Airline companies can promote auxiliary services and products on their booking websites, using airlines XML integration with the existing third-party platforms. Complementary value-added services are implemented via airline booking APIs, which include the options for transfer, insurance, hotel reservations or car rentals. PilotFish can integrate the proposed solutions into your existing platform and set up a connection to the booking systems. An airline API gives you an opportunity to enjoy extra profits and promote additional services.

Flight Booking API for Travel Agencies

Travel agencies also can improve their performance, using a flight search API. The aim of any travel agency is to find the best solution for clients’ needs and budget. Today’s competitive environment requires the best travel software for reservation systems. An integration of flight booking engines with travel website software with a user-friendly interface will attract web surfers and demanding tourists. Using Flight XML for integration of the travel website with service providers allows you to offer competitive prices and multiple trip options.

Flight APIs for tour operators

Note: PilotFish does not provide any kind of travel API ourselves. Instead, we provide a set of software tools that help you integrate any API into your system.

PilotFish can develop the perfect solution for tour operators who are trying to win in this competitive market. Flight booking software provides a way of generating any number of tour offers every day. We can implement numerous functions into the flight data API, including connection to external databases, fast data search, inventory and order management, instant availability confirmation and integration with the reservation engine.

Flight APIs have several main functions. a Flight status API allows retrieving detailed information about departure and arrival airports, a flight schedule, diversions, delays, cancellations, terminals, and gates. A Flight tracker API gives the positional information and essential updates. Flight tracking API is useful if you would like to know an active flights position in a particular fleet. A Flight prices API helps to compare the fares of a number of airlines, finding the best option for your clients.

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