FTP Listener or Adapter

FTP Listener or Adapter

The eiConsole Offers the Configuration of a General FTP Adapter with a Host of Features Built-In

The General FTP Listener or Adapter allows you to configure a basic FTP Adapter from the Listener Type drop-down. As with all the components of the eiConsole the user is presented with a graphical interface with easy to configure screens.

The Basic tab lets you configure how often to poll the FTP Server, File name restrictions, File extension restrictions, Tokenizers (split an inbound file into pieces based on a delimiter, when left blank the entire file is treated as a message), Polling directory and Host (FTP server).

General FTP Adapter Configuration Panel

The Credentials tab allows you to enter the User name and Password for the server.

General FTP Adapter Credentials Panel

The Scheduling tab allows you to specify a start time and end time for polling the FTP server (to see the window below click on the three buttons to the right of the line).

General FTP Adapter Configuration Scheduling Panel

The Advanced tab allows you to choose to initialize this Listener when triggered externally, the maximum number of transactions to process at a given time, determine whether to traverse sub-folders when scanning for files, change the default FTP port and determine whether to maintain the connection when not actively querying the server.

General FTP Adapter Configuration Advanced Panel

The Postprocess tab lets you determine what to do with the file after it has been processed. You can choose to Delete or Move the file. If you choose Move, the target directory configuration item becomes required. Choose the directory for where you would like to move the file. You can also enter this information as text.

General FTP Adapter Configuration Postprocess Tab




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