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 GDS XML Integration

Global Distribution Systems or GDS systems are at the core of worldwide reservation and distribution systems used by online travel agents and travel companies. It was initially aimed at improving the airline reservation system, but now GDS are widely used for booking hotels, airline flights, railway and bus tickets, cars, cruises, and insurance. GDS hotel and airline integration allows your travel business to access a wide range of online sales channels and travel products, improving your online sales strategy. The major GDS providers – Sabre, Amadeus, Galileo, Abacus, Travelport – offer you the following significant benefits:

  • Control of live inventory
  • Easy connectivity
  • Real-time pricing
  • Automatic content update
  • Multiple channels for distribution and utilization

The PilotFish GDS Travel Integration Solution

PilotFish provides GDS integration within your new or existing online travel website. GDS integration connects travel agents and customers all over the world, extensively broadening your market reach.

B2B and B2C GDS Integration Modules

Using GDS Hotel XML or GDS Airline XML, travel companies can connect their websites to GDS systems to make bookings and check availability. We integrate it on your website using API’s (e.g. GDS Airline API and GDS Hotel API) to make the airline booking system or hotel booking system operational for users. GDS Travel XML integration can be implemented in a 2 ways – B2B and B2C.

  • B2B (Business to Business) enables travel agents to sell the travel inventories through their site only, tracking all the bookings and sales by individual agents and commissions. In this case, agents can check the booking status, view reports, and invoices, cancel the booking and generate commissions.
  • With the help of B2C (Business to Customer), travel agents can sell travel products directly to their customers. The clients will use your web interface or mobile application to make bookings with immediate confirmation through SMS or email (via our GDS Travel API). GDS integration fulfills an automatic update of inventory information (pricing\availability). All the agents and B2C users get the same data immediately.

We offer integration of a single web application with multiple GDSs. Taking into consideration the individual needs of our clients we deliver targeted GDS integration services and cater to the changing demands of the online travel market.

Amadeus API

If you’re not willing to use an off-the-shelf solution and prefer to develop your own travel products, Amadeus API is designed for you. Using the Amadeus API cuts costs and saves your time. The Amadeus XML toolkit enables us to build customizable applications with stable and secure access to the unbeatable GDS content range. The most popular Amadeus solution is Amadeus Cruise API that allows an expanding group of Internet-savvy consumers to reserve their own cruise vacations online.

Key Benefits of Amadeus API

  • Easy integration and maintenance. The creation of stable and efficient applications is facilitated by a robust programming environment. Backwards compatibility with all future API Proxy versions is guaranteed by the client package.
  • Cost reduction. Amadeus integration shortens development timelines, saving your money.
  • Reliability. The significant feature of Amadeus XML API is great stability and flexibility of the interface.

Sabre API

The Sabre Global Distribution System unites more than 350,000 travel agents around the world, offering airline, hotel, cruise, and car rental bookings. Sabre integration has been proven to improve travel agents’ productivity and efficiency.

PilotFish offers you a connection to an innovative end-to-end solution and 24/7/365 customer service through the Sabre XML API. Developers of travel-related products and travel agencies get the freedom to integrate or innovate their own application with the Sabre XML API. We can use the development and customization capabilities of the Sabre API to meet the unique needs of your business.

Travelport API

Note: PilotFish does not provide any kind of travel API ourselves. Instead, we provide a set of software tools that help you integrate any API into your system.

If you are trying to reach your potential customers through the most cost-effective channels and provide easy and fast access to the broadest global content possible, Travelport integration might be another solution to consider. Travelport API connects you to the broad-based services of the Travelport company.

Travelport is a global distribution system (GDS) business, operating in more than 170 countries. It embraces Worldspan, Apollo and Galileo brands. PilotFish professionals will make sure that you have just the right portfolio of services and products to empower your travel business for success. Our team can provide integration with Apollo, Galileo or Worldspan or universal Travelport API integration. Travelport GDS makes possible the creation and integration of the unique travel applications with the help of strategic messaging platforms (Apollo XML and Galileo XML).

All the resources and specialized products of Apollo API, Worldspan API and Galileo API will be at your fingertips, maximizing your reach and boosting your operational efficiency. Travelport integration grants you access to high-speed providers, worldwide low-cost carriers, and multi-source content via a single API. We will help you get through the clutter of multiple programming interfaces, saving your valuable time and money.

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