HTTP POST Transport

HTTP POST Transport

The eiConsole and eiPlatform support the HTTP Post Transport for Communicating with HTTP Compliant Target Systems

Get support for the HTTP Post Transport for communicating with a wide variety of HTTP compliant Target systems. As with all the components of the eiConsole, the user is presented with a graphical interface with easy to configure panels.

To configure the HTTP Post Transport, you select this option from the Transport Type drop-down.

HTTP Post Transport Type Configuration

On the Basic configuration tab, you will see the Target URL configuration item. Here you will enter the URL for where you wish to send the data to.

HTTP Post Transport Basic configuration tab

The Credentials tab allows you to specify the Credentials to use if the website that you’re posting to requires HTTP Authentication. Here you will enter the User Name, Authentication Host string, Authentication Port (Post) and the Password.

HTTP Post Transport Credentials tab

On the Advanced tab, should you wish to handle the HTTP response, enter the name of the triggerable or programmatic Listener to invoke by entering that in the Response Listener configuration item. If you wish to take that response from a particular Form Element, enter in the Form Element configuration item. On the Advanced tab, you can also configure HTTP Headers. These are the Headers that will be used when posting the data. One typical example of a configured Header is the Content-Type, which is defaulted to a Value of text/XML, which may need to be modified for your specific purposes.

HTTP Post Transport dvanced tab

On the Proxy Tab, you can configure the HTTP Transport to use a particular Proxy. This is useful in corporate environments where all HTTP traffic is Proxies through an internal server. The Use Proxy configuration item should be checked when you wish to send data through a known Proxy. When the Use Proxy configuration item is checked, the Proxy Host configuration should be configured to include the IP address that the Proxy will be using. The Proxy Port configuration item will specify the Port of this Proxy. Should this Proxy require authentication, The Proxy Authentication Username should be populated with the Username used to authorize with the Proxy, and the Proxy Authentication Password should be populated with the password used to authenticate.

HTTP Post Transport Proxy Tab




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