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Introducing the PilotFish Interface Exchange (PIE)

PIE adds “Tweak and Go” to ACORD’s “Plug and Play”

(BUSINESS WIRE)—May 22, 2011 – PilotFish Technology is pleased to announce the release of the PilotFish Interface Exchange (PIE) to the insurance industry. The PIE is a Web-application that enables any entity in the insurance value chain to easily and rapidly share interfaces and interface components that were developed using the PilotFish eiConsole. The PIE encourages collaboration between all members of the insurance ecosystem. With the PIE, each member need only be responsible for the “tweaks” particular to integrating their business without having to reinvent what is common and can be shared throughout their industry. The PIE promises to revolutionize how the insurance industry develops and deploys standards-based interfaces, achieves seamless real-time integration, facilitates collaboration and maximizes reuse. With the PIE, the entire insurance industry will achieve integration of all trading partners decades sooner than would otherwise be possible.

The PIE builds on several prior PilotFish products. These include the eiPlatform* (the Java runtime), the eiConsole (the graphical IDE) and the Validation Server (an automated Validation and Certification component). And now – the PIE.

Central to the PIE is the PilotFish eiConsole, an integrated development environment (IDE) for the creation, deployment and management of interfaces. Through a graphical interface with a structured “assembly line” process, the developer has the ability to rapidly and reliably develop end-to-end interfaces. The eiConsole offers an extensive library of configurable connectivity, transformation and data manipulation components (easily extended with an open API) enabling you to interface any system with any other system, regardless of data format, communication protocol or location. To promote interfaces configured by the eiConsole into production, a user simply copies the configuration files generated by the IDE to the eiPlatform (the Java runtime component) where they run in unattended mode.

With the introduction of the PIE, you can now easily share or “exchange” these configuration files. To do so, from within the eiConsole IDE, simply select the “interface” you want to share. The PIE’s intuitive Wizard opens; choose to share the interface with individuals, a select group or make it publically available on the Web; decide whether to charge a license fee or offer a free license; add any attachments (brochures, videos, sample data, demos, documentation and more) and the interface is immediately uploaded to the PIE. There is no fee or commission to ANY entity charged by PilotFish for listing on the PIE.

To access interfaces published to the PIE, you simply download the interface from the PIE to your eiConsole. Once downloaded, it behaves just like any other interface you have configured yourself. Make your own “Tweaks”, copy it to your eiPlatform to promote it to production and you are all set to “Go”. What previously took weeks, months, even years, can be accomplished in minutes, hours or days. With the PIE, now you can simply “Tweak and Go”.

The release of the PIE dovetails perfectly with a recent ACORD initiative, the Plug and Play Consortium, whose goal is to eliminate ambiguities in the ACORD standard, define messages end-to-end including support for the ACORD Web Service Profile (AWSP) and make the standards easily configurable. PilotFish has been an active member and contributor to the Plug and Play Consortium, has architected the Plug and Play Message Monitor and has already configured and tested all of the messages to be delivered.

In a separate agreement between ACORD and PilotFish Technology, ACORD has agreed to participate in the PIE, and to offer and share ACORD Plug and Play message configuration files so that they may be downloaded, “tweaked” and deployed to production. “PilotFish is leading by example with their PIE, work with our Plug and Play group, and use of ACORD Templates. They are showing that action is essential and ACORD standards implementation benefits not only their company, but all of their customers,” said Lloyd Chumbley, Vice President, Standards, ACORD. “The benefits of combining these two parallel initiatives are truly astounding”, commented Neil Schappert, President of PilotFish Technology. “What previously may have taken several person-years of effort to accomplish can be reduced to just a few days. We refer to this as the combination of “Plug and Play” and “Tweak and Go.”

The combination of the PIE, Plug and Play Message templates, the ACORD Testing and Certification Facility, the eiConsole and the eiPlatform provide a total solution to achieving the insurance industry’s objective of standards-based integration. Every entity within the insurance value chain can achieve seamless integration regardless of whether they are communicating with legacy systems, dealing with extensions, different ACORD versions, operating systems or communication protocols. To learn more about the PIE visit: www.integration-tools.com.

*The ACORD TCF (Testing and Certification Facility) and Plug and Play Message Harness are both PilotFish eiPlatform products.

About PilotFish Technology

Founded in 2001 and based in Middletown, CT, PilotFish Technology provides comprehensive software and services to enable the integration of disparate systems using XML standards. Whether developing simple point-to-point interfaces or a comprehensive Service Oriented Architecture, PilotFish integration tools can help to dramatically shorten project timelines, reduce risk and improve the quality of deliverables. For more information, visit www.pilotfishtechnology.com, or for press or marketing inquiries, contact Monika Vainius at 860 632 9900 x 303.

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