PilotFish Interface Exchange (PIE)

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Gain Faster Speed to Market From the PIE by Leveraging Reuse and Collaboration

Organizations can gain new efficiencies and realize potentially dramatic savings with the PilotFish Interface Exchange (PIE). The PIE is your one-stop online marketplace for interface templates and components developed using our breakthrough graphical IDE, the eiConsole.

Imagine the possibilities of a marketplace where you can freely and easily share, distribute, and publish your eiConsole interfaces, templates and components. Make your interfaces instantly downloadable and available for reuse with just a few simple tweaks. Speed up integration within your ecosystem and collaborate on interface development. Create interfaces that you can license and charge a fee for. The PIE is real and it’s here now. Participating is just a few clicks away and it is FREE!

The power of the eiConsole is in its architecture and configurable design. By generating configuration files, the eiConsole makes it possible to “share” these interface templates or components directly with any eiConsole user or publish them on the PIE. From the PIE, it’s a simple click to download them for direct use into a user’s eiConsole project window. Built right into the eiConsole is an instant PIE “share” capability. Organizations can choose to have a private PIE, available only to authorized users or make their offerings public (available to all). You set the access level. Our online wizard makes the whole process take just minutes, too. Any licensee of the eiConsole can publish on the PIE with no fees, due to PilotFish.

The PIE wizard is a complete publishing system where you can include files, documentation, templates, samples, videos, screen shots, descriptions, contact information and anything else you choose. It even has complete legal contracts that you can customize. Choose from making your interface templates and components available for free or charge a license fee. You determine the fee and terms.

Large Enterprises Experience Collaborative Efficiency by Leveraging the PIE

The PIE acts as an enterprise’s central integration repository where business users, managers and developers can efficiently communicate and participate throughout the development life-cycle. It categorizes applied integrations into sets of reusable components, of which individual steps may be re-used, thereby eliminating developmental overlaps. Some examples of reusable components include: a database polling listener configuration, regular expression processors rule-sets and complex source-to-target transformation rules.  Available 24/7 in the cloud, the PIE puts members of geographically diverse teams on the same page.

Organizations with Many Customers that Need to Integrate with Their Systems Can Harness the Power of the PIE

By utilizing the PIE organizations, whether they are carriers, third-party distributors, software providers, TPAs, SaaS Cloud or others, no longer need to individually send customers or their implementation specifications and files. The PIE offers their customers an online repository where they can provide everything required to configure an interface to the organization’s system. It’s a simple matter of sending them a URL and they’re done. Everything they need is in one central location and available 24/7!

Freelance Developers and Resellers Can Configure Interfaces and Create New Revenue Streams

PilotFish provides additional value to any user (an individual or an organization) of the eiConsole who will not deploy their interfaces themselves. For these select users the PilotFish eiConsole developer license is only $9.95 per year. It authorizes users to utilize the eiConsole to develop interfaces or add-on components and publish them on the PIE for free where they can set the license fee. The PIE provides a ready marketplace for their interfaces. It is optimized for SEO and easily searchable.

The PIE is a powerful value-add of the PilotFish Integration Engine Solution Suite. It dramatically extends the power of and fosters reusability of eiConsole interfaces.

Learn more About the PIE or visit the PIE Marketplace

To find out more about how the PIE can help your organization rapidly integrate disparate systems, please please call us at 860 632 9900 for a demo or click the link below to email us.

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