POP3 Listener

POP3 Listener

The POP3 Adapter of the eiConsole Permits Periodic Polling of a POP3 Based Email Account and the Acceptance of Data Out of the Body or an Attachment of an Email

The Email POP3 Adapter of the eiConsole and eiPlatform permit the periodic polling of a POP3 based email account and the acceptance of data out of the body or an attachment of an email. All the components of the eiConsole present the user is with a graphical interface with easy to configure screens. To configure the Email POP3 Adapter (Listener) you are presented with three tabs: Basic, Advanced and Credentials.

Email (POP3) Adapter Listener Configuration Basic Polling Interval

1. Basic – This tab of the POP3 Email Adapter allows you to specify how often you would like to poll the email account and basic information about the email server that you will be connecting to. You can add a subject and sender restriction if you would like.

Email (POP3) Adapter Listener Configuration Polling Mail Account

2. Advanced – This tab of the Email POP3 Adapter allows you to choose to initialize this Listener only when it is triggered externally, select the port for the POP3 Server and choose whether to take data from the attachment of an email or body.

Email (POP3) Adapter Listener Configuration Advanced Panel

3. Credentials – This tab of the POP3 Email Adapter allows you to enter the user name and password for connecting to the POP3 account.

Email (POP3) Adapter LIstener Configuration Credentials Tab




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