Product Video Demo

Product Video Demo


    eiConsole for ACORD LAH Quick Tour

    Welcome to the PilotFish eiConsole for ACORD LAH product quick tour. Create a
    new interface with a click of a button or visit the PilotFish interface exchange to download a template. Define your source and target systems-configure the step-by-step interface assembly line to define the mechanics of how the data should flow. It’s all paint-by-numbers!

    Select from an extensive library of modules at each stage and then configure them to meet your needs. Data transformation is both infinitely flexible and intuitive. The system supports parsing and creating every common file format – databases, delimited and fixed-width files, EDI, XML, and much more.

    The file specification editor makes working with legacy file formats such as DTCC EDI and COBOL copybooks a breeze, through a simple import wizard. After that, any fixed-width or delimited file can be simply transformed into an XML representation. Mapping data is accessible to everyone and powerful enough for anything.

    Load Source and Target data formats and then drag &drop to build your mapping. Read the entire ACORD schema in seconds including all type codes and documentation. Mapping is as simple as drag & drop. Test any stage or the entire process from end-to-end. View the data at each and every point along the way.

    When you’re done, deployment is simple. The entire interface is stored in XML configuration files that can be dragged & dropped onto the server or managed through the source control or change management tool of your choice. This concludes the quick tour of the eiConsole for ACORD LAH.

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