Leverage PilotFish Tools to Get On Board with ACORD Information Exchange and Reduce Connection Time by Up to 90%!

For years, PilotFish has been a leading provider of middleware specially tuned to the unique needs of the insurance industry. Our mission, to facilitate the rapid adoption and implementation of ACORD standards, continues now with the latest version of the eiPlatform and eiConsole for ACORD!

The PilotFish eiPlatform and eiConsole are the core components of the PilotFish enterprise integration suite. Adopted by hundreds of insurance carriers, service providers, and software companies – the PilotFish suite is used to connect “Anything to Anything,” irrespective of data format or connectivity protocol.

Now, we have focused our efforts on assisting the industry to configure the “on ramps” and “off ramps” between their existing middleware, proprietary solutions, or enterprise middleware with ACORD standards-based information exchange.

Reap the Benefits of the ACORD Information Exchange

  • Get your core systems tested and certified as capable of sending and receiving real-time ACORD messages

  • Quickly create an interface development strategy to take advantage of the trading partner simulations available via the ACORD Test Harness

  • Adapt the output of your systems to produce and consume standards-based messages that will pass ACORD validation

  • Validate your organization’s relevant standards-based communications against the ACORD Test Harness to ensure compliance with more tightly- defined transaction definitions and business processes

Follow These Easy Steps to Get On Board with ACORD Information Exchange

1. DOWNLOAD a transaction template from the PilotFish Interface Exchange (PIE)

The PilotFish Interface Exchange houses interface templates that represent ACORD-certifiable messages, and business process flows. Search and download the template appropriate with the ACORD Information Exchange service you plan to implement.

Download Template from PilotFish Interface ExchangeShown above the PilotFish Interface Exchange

2. MAP – Drag & Drop your internal data format to the ACORD format template

The PilotFish eiConsole for ACORD includes an extensive set of data transformation options, transmission protocol adapters, and other integration capabilities.  Use the step-by-step “Interface Assembly Line” and drag & drop Data Mapper to rapidly wire any system – legacy or modern – to the industry-defined template.

ACORD Data Mapper in eiConsole Interface SoftwareShown above the eiConsole for ACORD Data Mapper

3. SELECT the pre-configured ACORD information exchange transport and enter your security credentials

The PilotFish eiConsole for ACORD includes Listener and Transport modules explicitly developed to connect with ACORD information exchange’s cloud-based services. Enter your organization’s ACORD information exchange credentials, and immediately begin sending and receiving messages over with ACORD information exchange’s secure web service protocol.

Configure Main Route in ACORD InterfaceShown above the eiConsole for ACORD Main Route Grid 

4. TEST the interface end-to-end

The PilotFish eiConsole features a graphical, user-friendly testing and debugging view that allows quick and easy unit testing, without time wasted on compilation or deployment. Verify that your data is now correctly flowing in the system, with messages seamlessly converted between proprietary and ACORD-standard formats.

ACORD Interface Route TestingShown above the eiConsole for ACORD Testing View

5. CERTIFY Emulate trading partner exchange, validate and certify via the ACORD Testing Harness

Log on to the ACORD Test Harness and launch a simulated trading partner for your new service. Then, validate the entire business process from end-to-end, from your internal systems through to with ACORD information exchange.

ACORD Test HarnessShown above the ACORD Testing Harness

6. DEPLOY the interface, and you are on board with ACORD information exchange

The PilotFish eiPlatform provides a lightweight yet highly performing runtime engine for the execution of any number of ACORD information exchange interfaces. Install the eiPlatform alongside your systems, solutions or enterprise middleware to connect your infrastructure to the industry’s service bus – with ACORD information exchange.

Deploy the ACORD InterfaceShown above the eiConsole for ACORD Route File Management Screen

Call or contact us today for a live demo of how you can get on board with ACORD information exchange and start reaping the rewards at 860 632 9900 x 309 or click the link below to email us.

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