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eiConsole for DTCC – Accelerate DTCC Integration and Insurance Data Exchange

Carriers, distributors, and others in the insurance value chain turn to DTCC’s Insurance Processing Services to mediate business-critical data exchange. Firms have become increasingly reliant on these files, making assurance of data quality and ease of implementation high-priority items. PilotFish and the eiConsole for DTCC have now made the development and management of these feeds easier than ever before.

The eiConsole for DTCC’s bundle provides unparalleled support for DTCC-specific requirements including both IPS flat file layouts and the ACORD Standard DTCC TXLife Transactions.

Mitigate Implementation Risk

The eiConsole for DTCC provides a rich suite of tools to facilitate productivity and reduce project timelines, whether your organization is sending or receiving DTCC’s supported data format.

DTCC and PilotFish have demonstrated a commitment to supporting the ACORD XML standards. Recognized industry leader, PilotFish, has included best-of-breed, ACORD-native functionality in the eiConsole for many years. As the community begins to adopt DTCC’s ACORD-formatted transactions, they can rely on the eiConsole for DTCC to make implementation painless.

Benefit from Capabilities for the ACORD Standard DTCC TXLife Transactions

PilotFish has extended the ACORD-specific capabilities of the XCS eiConsole to include powerful support for DTCC transaction definitions and transmission requirements.

The eiConsole includes interface templates for each ACORD TXLife transaction currently supported by or in development at DTCC. Each interface template provides the basic structure for a TXLife transaction as documented by DTCC implementation guidelines. These skeletal interface definitions ensure that implementers get a running start in the right direction. The growing library of supported transactions currently includes:

  • Attachments
  • Financial Activity
  • Replacements

PilotFish is proud to lead in insurance integration and the solutions that support the insurance industry in its use of DTCC’s secure, centralized and automated infrastructure. This infrastructure enables carriers and distributors to exchange information at various points throughout the insurance processing cycle.

With PilotFish’s unparalleled track record of successful on time and on budget implementations, organizations can be assured of success. Contact us for a live demo to learn more.

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