XML Logging

XML Logging

The eiConsole Contains a Simple Transaction Audit Processor That Will Take the Data Stream and Persist It to Disk

The Transaction Audit Processor provides a number of logging and audit features. It is useful to provide additional logging and audit specific to your requirements as data enters or exits the system. Customized Processors are typically implemented to accomplish this. As an example, the eiConsole contains a simple Transaction Audit Processor. This Processor will take the data stream and persist it to disk. As with all the components of the eiConsole, the user is presented with a graphical interface with easy to configure panels.

The user follows these steps:

Choose the Transaction Audit Processor from the Add Processor menu.

Transaction Audit Processor Add Processor Panel

Name the Processor: PersistData and hit Add.

Transaction Audit Processor Name Processor Panel

First, choose the Root Directory where you would like to persist the data. Next, provide a Sub-Folder XPath. This means that you will be looking at the inbound data and a particular piece of information to determine which subfolder under the Directory Route the data should be placed into. For instance, if you choose to look at the transaction type of an inbound record, you will have subfolders for each transaction type. The x-paths can be name space aware or unaware by choosing the Namespace Aware checkbox. Last, provide the file name that you would like to use to persist the data. File names will need to be unique.

Transaction Audit Processor Namespace aware checkbox

Transaction Audit Processor File Name Dialogue Box




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