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State of Connecticut’s Department of Health Replaces Rhapsody with PilotFish

PilotFish’s Integration Engine Solution Solves the State’s Reporting Requirements for Immunization and Disease Reporting.

The United States Federal Government created reporting requirements for both immunization and disease reporting. States are forced to comply with these requirements. In order to be in compliance with this requirement, a state’s Department of Public Health (DPH) must have the ability to receive data from a variety of sources. These might include medical and physician practices or centers, hospitals, outpatient clinics, walk-in clinics and other healthcare providers throughout the state.

The State of Connecticut, like other states, needed to be able to accommodate the variety of data sources, data formats and communication methods by which their providers would be transmitting this data. Connecticut’s Department of Health (DPH) selected PilotFish to help them implement a solution that provided them with the flexibility to accept any format from any data source and the added ability to use any communication protocol that the provider specified. DPH replaced their existing interface engine solution, Orion Health “Rhapsody”, with PilotFish’s Integration Engine Solutions, the eiPlatform (Java runtime) and eiConsole for Healthcare (IDE).

PilotFish and this new interface facilitate communication between the State’s immunization providers and MAVEN, a critical DSS system, using HL7 the federal standard for transmitting health data. The implemented interface accepts HL7 versions 2.3.1 and 2.5 immunization records from hundreds of healthcare providers statewide and accommodates any communications protocol that the data is sent in.

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