Release Notes 19R1

PilotFish Software Release Notes –
New Features & Improvements

Release 19R1 – Mar 2019

PilotFish Product Release 19R1 New Features and Updates

  • Updated Java Runtime To OpenJDK 11
    • To adjust to changes in Oracle JDK public update policies and cadence the bundled JRE has been changed to OpenJDK 11. We have a dedicated knowledge base article covering the Java Runtime change available.
  • New Google Cloud Storage Support
    • Google Cloud Platform has established itself as a top-tier cloud provider option, offering customers compelling cost and performance features. In response to increased interest, we’ve added a dedicated Listener and Transport pair for Google Cloud Storage allowing for easy retrieval and storage to Google Compute Platforms’s Cloud Storage.
  • New Redis Support
    • Redis is the most popular high-performance key/value databases on the market today. In 19R1 we have added robust support for integrating with Redis using our Redis-XL declarative syntax. Similar in approach to the widely used API XL and SQLXML, Redis-XL supports commands on Redis data structures such as strings, hashes, sets, and hyperloglogs.
  • New Hashing Processor
    • Augmenting our long-standing support for MD5 and SHA1 hashing, we’ve added a more general Hashing Processor in order to expose the full range of hashing and message authentication code (MAC) facilities available in the underlying security provider(s). This provides greatly expanded support for algorithms such as SHA2, SHA3, TIGER, WHIRLPOOL and many more.
  • New FHIR 4 Support
    • released the FHIR R4 at the end of December 2018 which included thousands of change proposals and substantive changes. To accommodate these changes we’ve updated the PilotFish FHIR format reader and reference schemas to include this latest version along with support for past versions.
  • New JSON Web Token (JWT) Generator Processor
    • In previous releases, we added support for OAuth including support for JSON Web Token (JWT) token validation. In this release, we are taking this a step further by providing the ability to generate JWT tokens as well.
  • Improved EDI Support
    • There have been several improvements to our already industry-leading EDI handling including:
      • Addition of a new EDI Identification processor for quick extraction of key EDI details to make routing and processing decisions.
      • Increased validation for imperfect messages (misuse of sub-element delimiters, table data matching, etc)
      • Performance improvements to the core EDI Transformer
  • Improved API XL Support
    • API XL is our advanced RESTful API interaction functionality, providing the ability to construct robust remote API request/response data flows. Additional functionality has been added after continued real-world usage and feedback including:
      • Addition of PATCH, OPTIONS, HEAD, and TRACE HTTP methods
      • Support for disabling of hostname and certificate validation (particularly useful during the testing phase)
      • Added rawURL attribute for cases where the remote system needs URL strings that are non-standards compliant
      • Added ability to specify BinaryParts to MIME-MultiPart messages
  • Improved ACORD Format Support
    • Support has been added for ACORD TXLife v2.41, ACORD (P&C) XML v2.5, and AL3 v2018-2 standards. In addition, the AL3 Transformer has been improved to support more control over the XML generated including the ability to include the description in attributes and indexing for easier subsequent processing.
  • Improved JMS Listener and Transport
    • A new 2.0 version of the JMS Listener and JMS Transport have been developed and added to the software. This new version is much more performant than its predecessor, however, the original JMS Listener and Transport (now referred to as 1.0) have been retained in the products for backward compatibility.
  • Improved SQLXML Functionality
    • SQLXML and its related modules are responsible for communicating with relational databases and are by far one of the most heavily used modules in the software. We’ve introduced a handful of improvements to assist with compatibility (new toggle to have JDBC map value types), better null value handling and performance improvements.
  • Improved User Experience
    • In addition to the underlying technology improvements, many overall user experience improvements were also incorporated, including:
      • Native OS window decorations for better multi-monitor support
      • Ability to enable or disable interfaces from the eiConsole File Management UI
      • In eiConsole Testing Mode – automatically attempt to show XML output in pretty-print format
      • In eiConsole’s Local eiPlatform Emulator – Darkened DEBUG color and prefixed all lines with log level
      • eiPlatform Windows installer improvements including specifying Windows service start type and port to listen on
      • Surface more details of underlying XSLT engine exceptions in error messages and stack traces
  • Improved Directory / File Transport
    • A new File Name Conflict Pattern option has been added to improve I/O performance when there are thousands of same-named files are being written and ‘Create New’ naming conflict has been selected.
  • Improved Support for IIS FTP Server
    • Recent versions of IIS FTP Server are sensitive to PBSZ settings when connecting via secure FTPS. In 19R1 we provide a new option to explicitly set this value along with a default that will work in most cases.
  • Improved MongoDB Support
    • Support for connecting to MongoDB servers via SSL has been added.
  • Updated 3rd-Party Dependencies
    • Several supporting libraries have been updated to include upstream fixes.

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