Insurance Agency Integration with ACORD Forms and PilotFish Middleware

Software Provider White Labels the PilotFish eiPlatform and Extends It to Deliver Solutions for the World’s Top Carriers

Learn how this leading software provider achieved faster implementations with fewer resources at less cost using the PilotFish Integration Engine Solution. Growing external client demand now was successfully met with the performance and scalability of PilotFish’s eiPlatform. Increasingly inefficient home-grown integration solutions were replaced after partnering with PilotFish. Within six months of inaugurating the new integration platform, significant new business was closed – made possible by bundling and white labeling PilotFish’s modern architecture.


The client is a leading provider of web-based property and casualty solutions, including front-end agent and consumer digital portal platforms. They offer their customers (which include the majority of the top carriers in the world) sales and servicing portal technology, book roll automation and conversion as well as back-end integration solutions for ACORD and 3rd parties.


Property and Casualty (P&C) carriers around the country rely on the client to aggregate third-party data for display in their agency portal. The client has a constant requirement for integration of their suite of products with each other as well as with external products and services. In the past, they relied on their own home-grown integration engine solution to meet these requirements. As the business grew, maintaining their home-grown solution while adding support for new technologies and meeting client-specific integration requirements was taxing their internal resources. The IT staff needed to focus on building and enhancing their core products. The client needed to reduce implementation times and the amount of effort that went into it each time. The client needed a technology partner with an extensible solution that could grow with its needs, speed things up and ultimately lower its costs.


PilotFish had become a fixture in the insurance industry. Its products have been widely distributed throughout the industry and its product’s built-in support for ACORD and other insurance standards is well known and highly regarded. PilotFish, as an exhibitor at the leading trade shows, had been wowing crowds with live product demos of its eiConsole for ACORD. The product’s graphical interface assembly line process was specifically designed to speed up implementation times with a configuration-driven (rather than code-driven) approach. Customization was also integral to its architecture with the ability to extend the product with Open APIs to meet any customer requirement. The client had long used ACORD standards for data coming into and out of their applications. They had seen the demos at the shows and decided to give PilotFish a try by downloading a Free 90-Day Trial.

After downloading and completing PilotFish’s Getting Started Tutorials, the client got some additional hands-on experience with the software and growing confidence that PilotFish was the right technology partner. In order to further vet that PilotFish was the right partner, the client contracted with PilotFish to train its team of 5 people. PilotFish’s standard training program was used along with one-on-one mentoring as needed. Over the course of a few months, the client was able to show that, with PilotFish, cycle times could be lowered significantly and with a reduced effort.

PilotFish entered into a Value Added Reseller agreement with the client. The client began distributing PilotFish integration products (primarily the eiPlatform) to the Property & Casualty (P&C) space. The client also began to work with the PilotFish products internally, positioning it as the middleware layer through which they will connect their applications and external systems. 


Through its partnership with PilotFish, the client was able to enhance their insurance workflow solutions. They replaced their own integration capabilities with PilotFish’s integration engine to simplify and expedite their implementations with customers’ systems at a lower cost than they had been able to deliver previously. PilotFish’s highly extensible architecture has allowed the client to create additional functionality with custom adaptors and processors to further enhance their product offerings. 

By leveraging PilotFish’s products and its integration expertise in supporting industry and XML standards and the client’s subject matter expertise, the client was able to close several major accounts over 6 months that would not have been possible otherwise. The client’s white-labeled new integration platform, utilizing the PilotFish engine, fits in perfectly with the new Service Oriented Architecture adopted by its client companies, making it a win-win for all entities involved.

Throughout 20 years and hundreds of implementations, PilotFish has developed and refined a methodology for the configuration, testing, and deployment of interfaces and process orchestrations resulting in an unparalleled track record of success.

Through years of Bake-Offs and Proof of Concepts (POCs), we have demonstrated the value of our integration engine solutions to future customers. Let us conduct a Free Use Case Evaluation for you to determine where PilotFish can provide the most value to your organization and solve your most complex integration challenges.

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