Ensuring EPA Data Quality Standards Are Met with Automated Testing and Validation

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) requires that qualifying state, local, and commercial entities report the results of Air and Water testing. However, there are a wide variety of EHS (Environmental Health and Safety) systems in use across these various entities. Each of these has their own data model that must be rationalized into a format acceptable to the EPA.

The eiConsole’s Validation Processor can be used to define complex data scrubbing and validation rules (using XSLT, XML Schema, Schematron, or custom validation routines) to ensure that data quality standards are met. A government agency that is receiving the same messages from multiple sources can “publish” their message formats and rules to allow these trading partners to test their message transactions before going “live”. In addition, the design of the validation server offers tremendous flexibility relative to the Submission, Validation, and Responses to test messages.

The inherent flexibility of the eiConsole Validation server is why standards organizations themselves are using it to automate the validation and certification of their member messages.

The eiConsole’s best-of-breed data transformation component – the Data Mapper is used to implement logical data mappings (in the form of XSLT transformations) between system-proprietary and EPA-required formats.

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