Implementation Services

Providing the Expertise to Shorten Implementation Times, Reduce Costs and Eliminate Risk

PilotFish often recommends a pilot implementation of the eiPlatform (Java Runtime) and eiConsole (IDE) products to support the deployment of a high value, representative transactional interface. This is a low-cost low-risk means to validate the capabilities and quality of PilotFish software while achieving immediate return on your investment. Additionally, it will allow you to project the exact cost, timing and resource requirements for additional interfaces.

Working collaboratively with you during an implementation, PilotFish will:

  • Install the necessary supporting technology, including an application server if required and a JVM. All of the popular application servers, operating systems, platforms and relational database management systems are supported. The JVM and many application servers are available without license charges.
  • Provide and install the eiPlatform on a server at your site, as necessary to enable end-to-end support of XML standards-based interfaces. eiPlatform run-time components include:
    • Listeners
    • Processors
    • Transforms
    • Routers
    • Transports
    • Administrative Reports
      • Transaction
      • Activity Logs
      • Error Logs
  • Provide and install at least one copy of the eiConsole on a single user workstation at your site. Graphical configuration screens corresponding to all of the eiPlatform run-time components identified above are provided within the eiConsole, plus support for end-to-end testing and promotion to the runtime server.
  • Analyze the current Source system data output for the selected interface to determine additional data requirements. You need only provide the data content, format and location of the Source system generated interface data.
  • Configure the appropriate Listener to support your preferred method of making data available from the Source system to the eiPlatform. Listener support may be active or passive and includes: Database SQL, Directory, Email (POP3), FTP, HTTP Form/POST, HTTP POST, JMS, MSMQ, Programmable, RMI, SOAP Web Service and WebSphere MQ.
  • Create the transformation from the Source system format to the new XML standard format.
  • Configure the Routing rules to direct the message to the appropriate Target(s).
  • Create the transformation from the common XML format to the format required by the Target(s) (trading partner). If no transformation is required, the common XML format will be “relayed.”
  • Configure the appropriate Transport to support the trading partner’s preferred method of receiving data. Transport support includes: Database SQL, Directory
  • Drop, Document Style Web Service, Email (SMTP), FTP, FTP Over SSL (Implicit and Explicit), HTTP Form/Post, HTTP Post, JMS, MSMQ, Programmable, RMI, SOAP Web Service and WebSphere MQ.
  • Test the interface end-to-end using the eiConsole.
  • Promote the interface to the eiPlatform running on a test or production server.
  • Provide a detailed explanation of the PilotFish software employed to accomplish the interface, hands-on training and formal education on the use and maintenance the eiConsole, eiPlatform and the deployed interface.

At the conclusion of the pilot, you will be fully capable of building, deploying, managing and maintaining interfaces connecting any system to any other system. And you will be in a position to reap all of the rewards that XML standards-based communication has to offer.

For more information please call us at 860 632 9900 or click the link below to email us.

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