eiConsole for HR-XML

The eiConsole for HR-XML – Benefit From Specific Support for Human Resource XML Standards Built Right In

Get down to business fast with our built-in templates. PilotFish’s eiConsole for HR-XML includes interface templates for each of the HR-XML Business Object Documents (BODs) that are included in the HR-XML 3.x Specification. In as little as a few hours you can point, click, clone, and configure the templates to build a complete custom HR-XML interface.

The HR-XML 3.0 specification is giant leap forward in the evolution of standards-based Human Resources automation. Built on the solid foundation of the previous HR-XML 2.x releases, the HR-XML 3.0 specification provides a flexible vocabulary for describing the most important data exchanges in the HR process. Version 3.0 unifies previous message schemas into a shared data dictionary with discrete messages represented as BODs (Business Object Documents). HR-XML 3.0 also further aligns the HR-XML Consortium’s efforts with those of other standards organizations.

Now that the standard has been released, it’s promise must be realized through real-life implementation. PilotFish’s eiConsole for HR-XML is the industry’s highest quality, fastest, and most cost effective means for implementing the HR-XML standard. The eiConsole for HR-XML includes interface templates for each of the many HR-XML Business Object Documents (BODs) in the HR-XML 3.0 Specification. Developers can point, click, clone, and configure these templates to build a custom HR-XML interface.

PilotFish’s eiConsole for HR-XML provides support for each of the functional areas covered by the HR-XML specification standard, these including: Recruiting, Staffing, Benefits, Competency, Assessments, Background Check, Time Cards, and Performance. In short, the eiConsole for HR-XML provides the most comprehensive support for the HR-XML standard available in any integration tool.

PilotFish’s eiConsole for HR-XML is the developer’s workstation IDE compliment to our Java runtime, eiPlatform, integration engine. Not only does the user benefit from the core features of the eiConsole, designed to streamline interface development, the eiConsole for HR-XML’s unique architecture allows you to manage the very specific requirements of the HR-XML standard that is in use today.

The eiConsole provides the user with a simple 7 stage Assembly Line process. Any interface, no matter how complex, can be configured following this process. Working left to right the user graphically configures the interface selecting from drop-down menus and filling out simple configuration screens. Even data mapping is simple. A three pane graphical data mapper allows users to create even the most complex mappings using drag & drop. The eiConsole’s Data Mapper facilitates the translation of proprietary formats to and from HR-XML. It even comes pre-loaded with HR-XML Schemas (XSDs) which allows graphical navigation of the HR-XML schema and all the associated documentation. One other key advantage, anything one can do programatically you can do using drag & drop as well. Time spent mapping data can be drastically shortened.

The eiConsole makes testing easy, too. After an interface is configured it can be tested end-to-end right within the application and then deployed to the eiPlatform Java framework. Deploying an interface in the eiConsole is simple, too.  Deploy them with a mouse click or copy a set of configuration files to your server.

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