Release Notes 18R1

PilotFish Software Release Notes –
New Features & Improvements

Release 18R1 –  January 2018

  • Overhauled EDI support
    • Dedicated eiConsole & eiPlatform for EDI with X12 Table Data and Schemas bundled in
    • SNIP Validation 1-3 support
  • Saxon Professional Edition now bundled and set as default XSLT engine for out-of-the-box to provide:
    • XSLT 3.0 & 3.1 support
    • Improved performance for large XMLs
    • Improved functionality and extensibility
  • New ACORD P&C 2.x schemas support
  • Improved ACORD AL3 support
  • New OAuth2 support
  • New WSSecurity SAML 2 support
  • New Active Directory/LDAP Authentication for RESTful API
  • New Vista RPC support
  • New IoT support:
    • Support for Serial
    • Support for MQTT
  • Improved fillable PDF support
  • New CSV format builder
  • Improved JSON transformer
  • Relabeled HttpXML to API XL
  • Added inline JSON construction to API XL
  • Improved eiPlatform Windows configuration GUI
  • Better threading defaults
  • Better cache system defaults
  • Improved Support for Docker and other container environments
  • New ‘Request Feature’ function to eiConsole
  • Improved SQL stored procedure support for multiple result sets
  • New Processors:
    • HL7 Identification – Extraction of HL7 message metadata without full transformation
    • Hex (Output) – Binary to Hex conversion particularly useful for IoT
    • JSON Formatting – Pretty-print of JSON structure
    • Counter – A general-purpose atomic counter that can be scoped at the route, interface or global level
    • Zip Decompress to Directory – Decompress zip file(s) to directory and return XML manifest for subsequent filtering/processing
    • PDF Related
      • Fill PDF
      • PDF to XML
      • Image to PDF
    • Web/Http/OAuth2
      • Http Response Code
      • JSON Web Token (JWT) Validation
      • Token Introspection Validation

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