HR-XML Validation Server

Now Verify and Validate HR-XML Member Messages Automatically with the Pilotfish HR-XML Validation Server

PilotFish makes validating member messages simple and is a vast improvement over current manual and labor-intensive processes. With the PilotFish HR-XML Validation Server, organizations can automate the validation and certification of their trading partners’ messages to standardize any initial and ongoing information exchange.

The PilotFish HR-XML Validation Server allows an organization that is receiving the same messages from multiple trading partners (ApplicationAcknowledgement) to publish their specific message formats and rules – which allows trading partners to be able to test their message transactions automatically before going live. It eliminates up to 80% of the ongoing back & forth between an organization and their trading partners.

Specific features or the PilotFish HR-XML Validation Server include:


This allows trading partners who want to validate their messages to submit them in a variety of ways. For example, a developer who wants to test an HR-XML ApplicationAcknowledgement transaction can alternatively:

  • Send an email with “ApplicationAcknowledgement” in the subject line
  • Post the XML to ApplicationAcknowledgement
  • FTP a file to the “HR-XML/2008/ApplicationAcknowledgement” directory on
  • Select “ApplicationAcknowledgement” from a drop-down on a web page


Similarly, validation models can be “layered,” where a number of different models may be applied to the same instance document. As an example, the same document may be validated against:

  • HR-XML ApplicationAcknowledgement Schema Validation
  • HR-XMLApplicationAcknowledgement Certification Rules
  • HR-XML ApplicationAcknowledgement Trading Partner-Specific Implementation Rules for another Trading Partner
  • HR-XML ApplicationAcknowledgement Your Company-Specific Implementation Rules

The HR-XML standards organization can provide the “standard” validation rules. Your own organization and others in the Human Resource industry value chain can also submit validation requirements to be deployed to the transaction Validation Server. By using this feature, a trading partner can ensure that their messages are not just HR-XML certifiable, but that they can be consumed by your company and have the benefit of exposing those areas where partners’ interpretations conflict with yours, or with the actual HR-XML standard.


In the PilotFish Validation Server, validation results may be produced as XML, or as a human-readable HTML report. This report calculates the rules executed against a specific HR-XML Document, the success or failure of the rules mentioned above, and for any relevant details in the case of a failure. The report is then returned to the submitter through the appropriate transport protocol (HTTP, email, web page, etc.).

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