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CORE CT Department Replaces 300 File Movement Interfaces in Under 6 Weeks


Banking interfaces replaced with PilotFish Middleware

The State has previously developed over 300 individual file movement interfaces used to transmit data between core Connecticut systems and other internal and external entities, including financial institutions such as Webster Bank and Bank of America. In order to promote consistency, maintainability, and visibility into these critical processes, Core CT has begun migration of all of these processes to the PilotFish eiPlatform.

In the current process, custom Java code known as “FileMover” is used to manage the many inbound and outbound data transmissions to and from the State’s central PeopleSoft implementation. This code is functional, but is maintained and understood by only a few individuals. Moving this functionality from a custom-coded “black box” to the visually understandable PilotFish interface “assembly line” will allow not only for better manageability in the short term, but greater flexibility in the long term.

In the first phase of the re-platform, the PilotFish software will seamlessly replace the existing functionality of the FileMover application. As is done today, scheduling software (Cybermation) will be used to remotely trigger the process. When the trigger is received, a PilotFish-hosted interface will query an existing database table to acquire the list of file transmissions required. The interface will then execute these transmissions based on the information contained in the query results.

File transmissions are typically either simple network-based file moves, or FTP/FTPS/SFTP connections to external servers. Data may or may not require interface-specific XML schema driven data validation, PGP encryption/decryption, or other unique handling.

For inbound transmissions, data is staged for subsequent import into Oracle / PeopleSoft staging tables. In the second phase of this effort, the intermediate staging files may be replaced with a direct interface into the staging environment. The total effort estimated to replace the functionality of all 300+ file transmissions is less than 6 weeks.

“The total effort estimated to replace the functionality of all 300+ file transmissions is less than 6 weeks.”

The implementation of PilotFish-driven data transmissions will allow Core CT to be much more flexible with respect to the data formats and connectivity protocols that the department can produce and consume. This will result in a greater breadth and responsiveness of service to internal and external customers.

Key components of this integration:

  • PeopleSoft
  • Oracle Database Integration
  • PGP Encryption/Decryption
  • Scheduled Processes (CyberMation)
  • XML Schema Validation

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