ACORD Data Mapping

Perform Logical Data Mapping in the XSLT Tool, the Data Mapping Component of the eiConsole for ACORD

Want the best-of-breed drag & drop ACORD Data Mapping Tool? It’s a component of the eiConsole for ACORD. Unlike other tools, the Data Mapping component was explicitly built to support the ACORD standard. This essentially means that it can read in the entire ACORD Life Schema Release, including not only the unaltered ACORD Schema file but also the Metadata file (which includes the all-important detailed typecode information).

(Note: ACORD is a licensee of the eiConsole. ACORD members should visit the ACORD website to find out details about a special license for the eiConsole for ACORD for members.)

Acord Data Mapping Screen

A simple dialog screen allows the user to directly read in both the ACORD Schema and ACORD MetaData Files whether it be LAH, PCS or RLC.

Acord Schema Reader Selection

To better support the ACORD P&C market, the eiConsole also supports the import of AL3 file formats. This allows you to take the Legacy format, translate it to XML, and then perform a mapping to a new format.

Acord AL3 File Format Selected for Data Mapping

By being able to read in these files, the PilotFish Data Mapping tool is able to offer the ACORD documentation in-line, as well as all transaction typecodes. Again depending on which ACORD Schema and ACORD MetaData file are read in, the user can select from detailed typecodes, as shown below.

Acord Data Mapping File Format

One tedious part of building ACORD interfaces is the tabular mapping from proprietary codes into ACORD codes and vice-versa. The Data Mapping tool makes this a simple task with the easy to use Tabular code mapping tool. Typecode values are pre-populated from the ACORD Metadata. All you need to do is select the ACORD values that correspond to your internal values and the XSLT transformation is instantly created.

Acord Mapping with Tabular Code Mapping

If you want to slice or extend, the ACORD schema, the Data Mapping Tool also includes a full set of schema maintenance tools.

After you have used the ACORD Data Mapping component of the eiConsole and have translated your data to an ACORD message, you can then route it to its destination(s). The eiConsole for ACORD supports complex Routing Rules, as well as Transaction Monitoring which proactively notifies you if something fails during the course of transaction execution. The Transport stage handles connectivity to the Target System and can handle both batch and real-time data transmission.

For more on the data mapping component, please watch this quick video demo.

Data Mapping in PilotFish’s Integration Engine – eiConsole

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