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Bundle PilotFish’s Best-of-Breed Integration Solution with Your Products or Services

No need to reinvent the wheel and lose valuable time getting to market when you can leverage PilotFish’s complete integration solution and bundle it with your offerings, today!

PilotFish offers the ideal solution for solution providers and manufacturers that need to integrate their systems, applications, databases or equipment with other systems, applications, databases or equipment. We offer a variety of ways that your software can be deployed, including a black box solution that gives you total control and flexibility.

Give your customers the complete seamless integration and interoperability they demand with the most flexible and powerful integration solution on the market.

PilotFish supports all of the popular Databases, Application Servers, Operating Systems and Platforms, so it is certain to work within your IT infrastructure. All of the components are also easily configurable and extensible through open APIs. We offer virtually unlimited flexibility and extensibility so you can be assured your investment in PilotFish is future proof. Need a lightweight deployment? PilotFish offers that as well.

With the eiConsole, our graphical IDE developer’s workstation, your staff can quickly assume responsibility for building, managing and maintaining all of your company’s interfaces to and from the systems you need to connect to. With no coding or scripting, we offer the most user-friendly and graphical development tool on the market. Your developers and analysts can build your interfaces faster and maintain them more easily than with any other offering on the market.

Bundling license fees take into account a number of factors. These include the cost of your product or service, the number of units to be bundled with over 1- 3 years and the complexity of the integration to be handled by our integration engine. By taking into account all these factors, you can be assured that our license fee is cost-effective for you and your customers.

Interested in bundling our products with yours? Call us at 860 632 9900 or click the link below.

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