EDI 824 Format Example

EDI 824 Application Advice


What is EDI 824 Application Advice?

The optional acknowledgment X12 EDI 824 Application Advice can be used by the recipient of an EDI document to report its acceptance, rejection or requirement(s) to make specific content changes. The EDI 824 Application Advice transaction set is maintained by the X12F subcommittee but several other subcommittees, including X12I, X12M, and X12N use the 824 transaction set to meet the needs of their implementers.

For example, in supply chain applications, buyers might send the EDI 824 to a supplier to accept, reject or report errors in an EDI document from the supplier. The EDI Application Advice message contains information identifying the originating business message such as reference numbers, dates, quantities and monetary amounts. It is capable of providing trading partner information and technical error descriptions using free-form text. Once the EDI 824 is translated, the order information can be synced to your internal system of record such as an ERP. 

Basic details included in EDI 824 documents reporting the need for changes:

  • Document number for the received document 
  • Date of receipt 
  • Trading partner identification information
  • Indication of rejection and required changes
  • Description of errors, such as blank or invalid data 

The 824 Application Advice document should not be used in place of a transaction set designed as a specific response to another transaction set in supply chain use (e.g., EDI 855 (Purchase Order Acknowledgment) sent in response to EDI 850 (Purchase Order). 

An EDI 824 Application Advice acknowledgment differs from an EDI 997. An EDI 997 is an acknowledgment to indicate whether an EDI transmission has been received and translated. An EDI 824 indicates whether an EDI document is accepted or rejected by a processing system such as Accounts Payable.

EDI X12 824 transaction example in PilotFish Data Mapper

EDI 824 Application Advice in Data Mapper (click to enlarge)

Format Example

EDI 824 Application Advice REJECTED (Version 4010) Example
ISA*00* *00*FTP *ZZ*CUSTOMER *02*CN *101225*0900*U*00401*000000837*0*P*>
PER*IC*If questions contact EDI Department at 012-345-6789
PER*IC*Please correct invoice and resend by edi
OTI*TR*TN*42385767*******210 CN Invoice 42385767 is rejected
TED*024*NO FREIGHT RECORD FOUND for LOAD àdispute note OTI*TR*TN*42411572*******210 àCN Invoice 42411572 is rejected

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