MISMO & Financial XML Standards Implementation Tools

MISMO and Financial XML Standards Implementation Tools

Leverage Application Server Technology and Enable Seamless Communication with a Proven Integration Solution that Supports the Unique Requirements of MISMO, DTCC and Other Financial XML Standards.

MISMO, DTCC, and other XML standards promise to facilitate faster data transactions, which, in turn, lead to greater revenue and sales. Many companies have recognized the enormous benefits of using XML standards, but due to the complexities involved, far fewer have actually implemented them. To really leverage XML standards-based communication, there needs to be a bridge between old legacy systems and new technologies based on XML. PilotFish tools bridge this gap with an integrated solution that allows any system(s) or services to be integrated with any other system(s) or services regardless of platform, operating system, database, or communication protocol, and whether or not you or your trading partners are using MISMO or any other XML standard.

With PilotFish tools, you can significantly reduce project cycles and deliver higher-quality interfaces. Our integrated solution provides you with everything you need to define, build, test, deploy, manage, monitor and maintain sophisticated interfaces built around the MISMO, DTCC or other financial XML standards. PilotFish offers a proven solution that increases productivity 10 to 100x and offers a tremendous ROI (Return on Investment).

PilotFish’s integrated solution includes several core products. Chief among them, the eiConsole which is, a graphical IDE (Integrated Development Environment) created for the express purpose of developing, testing, deploying, managing and maintaining interfaces. Its integrated suite of components supports every aspect of interface development including a unique data mapper, graphical file-to-XML editing, validation and hundreds of time-saving features including drop-down menus, installed listeners, processors, format readers, configuration screens, transaction monitors, support for all popular types of transports, direct metadata import, one click schema updates and more. Another core product, the eiPlatform, is the Java framework for running the interfaces developed with the eiConsole. The eiConsole Bundles for DTCC and MISMO have been additionally engineered to support the unique semantic requirements for MISMO and DTCC XML.

Core Products for Enterprise Integration

The eiPlatform is the Java engine for the high volume, secure, run-time processing of interfaces developed using the eiConsole. By utilizing the eiPlatform, any system(s) or services can be integrated with any other system(s) or services regardless of the platform, operating system, database or which communication protocol is used.

eiConsole is an interface engine IDE for the express creation, deployment, and management of interfaces. Configure interfaces end-to-end using a graphical “Assembly Line.” Perform codeless, drag & drop data mapping. Download pre-configured interface templates or share your interfaces on our PIE (“App Store” for interface templates). Debug and test at any stage in a graphical test mode and promote interfaces to production on the eiPlatform runtime.

The eiDashboard is an additional component that monitors the health of your interfaces. With the Dashboard users can view, trace, analyze and report on transactional interfaces traversing their eiPlatform. Features include the capture of transactional errors, diagnosis, and restart, all without requiring changes to the source or target systems participating in the interface.

The eiTestBed facilitates the automation, validation and certification of trading partners’ messages. This allows standardization of initial and ongoing information exchange. As an example, a company that is receiving the same messages from multiple trading partners can “publish” their message formats and rules to allow the trading partners to test their message transactions before going “live.” PilotFish software is also the engine behind ACORD, the State of CT’s Department of Health, EMSI’s and Dynacare’s validation services.

DTCC and MISMO Specific Products

The eiConsole for MISMO with specific support for the MISMO standard not found in horizontal tools.

The eiConsole for DTCC with specific support for the DTCC standard not found in horizontal tools.

MISMO Model Viewer is a free and easy-to-use web-based reference for the MISMO XML Schema Definition (XSD).

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