Docker Compatible

PilotFish + Docker Delivers a Dynamic Healthcare Integration Powerhouse

Docker is a container technology that allows for the packaging of an application (along with its dependencies and related configuration) to permit simple cross-platform and cross-environment deployments. The PilotFish eiPlatform Interface Engine Solution is particularly well-suited for container environments as it promotes configuration over code. Using PilotFish’s graphical assembly line process, PilotFish Docker images can be easily defined and utilized for rapid interface development, testing, deployment and ongoing maintenance.

Several new facilities have been added to the PilotFish software to optimize its performance in container environments. One of the most visible is the ability to set PilotFish eiPlatform’s core configuration settings via system environment variables. This allows for configuration settings to be defined at container build or runtime.

PilotFish’s eiPlatform allows for easy packing, shipping and running of any application as a lightweight, portable, self-sufficient Docker container. Nothing about the interface or its configuration changes, therefore, risks of conflicts can be avoided.

PilotFish Delivers Big Advantages with Docker

  • Applications and workloads are more portable and can be more efficiently distributed in a standardized and repeatable way.
  • Interface iteration and testing rounds are faster and easier, speeding up implementation.
  • The burden on development teams for deployment and maintenance can be eased.

PilotFish + Docker for Rapid Interoperability

Docker is a powerful tool, but that in itself doesn’t magically create Healthcare Interoperability. Now, PilotFish’s Interface Engine solutions plus utilization of Docker helps to accelerate interoperability with faster deployments and easier maintenance for solution providers across the healthcare ecosystem.

A Word on Licensing and Restrictions

  • Each eiPlatform Docker container instance running in a production environment counts as one production eiPlatform instance for the purpose of licensing.
  • As the eiPlatform and other PilotFish software is proprietary and licensed software, no PilotFish intellectual property (“IP”), including but not limited to eiPlatform WAR file(s), installer(s) or Docker images containing PilotFish IP can be published and/or pushed to Docker registries and/or repositories that allow access to entities and/or parties outside of the licensed entity.

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