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Accelerate HR-XML Implementations by 10 to 100x with PilotFish’s Advanced Integration Tools

For over 23 years, PilotFish has been providing cutting-edge integration services. Our deep industry expertise and robust solutions enable seamless communication and integration across disparate and legacy systems. The HR-XML Standard is crucial for enabling this communication, but leveraging its full potential requires sophisticated tools designed to handle its complexities. That’s where PilotFish excels.

Master HR-XML Integration with PilotFish’s Specialized Solutions

The HR-XML Standard provides a vital common messaging framework for the HR industry, facilitating data exchange and interoperability. However, the actual benefits of HR-XML are realized only with tools that can manage its intricate semantics and streamline integration processes. PilotFish offers such solutions, delivering automated processes and reusable templates that significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of HR-XML implementations.

PilotFish: Your Partner in HR-XML Integration

PilotFish’s integration engine solutions empower seamless internal and external systems integration, with robust support for the HR-XML standard. As an IT professional in the HR sector, you understand the challenges of systems integration and data communication. Each new customer introduces unique communication conventions, necessitating custom code and new integration strategies. Whether dealing with different versions of HR-XML or entirely different data formats, PilotFish simplifies these complexities.

Effortless Integration from Point-to-Point Interfaces to Comprehensive SOA

Whether your organization is starting with a simple point-to-point interface or developing a comprehensive Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), PilotFish’s integration solutions are designed to handle the intricate nuances of HR-XML standards. Our tools enable faster project completion and higher-quality deliverables. This is why the HR-XML Consortium itself licenses our software and partners with us to offer our tools to its members.

Configure HR-XML Interfaces Swiftly with Built-In Support

At the core of our integration engine solutions is the eiPlatform – a robust Java framework that supports high-volume, secure runtime processing of interfaces developed using the eiConsole, our developer-friendly IDE. The eiPlatform integrates any system or service, regardless of platform, operating system, database or communication protocol. Specifically designed to support HR-XML standards, the eiConsole for HR-XML includes pre-built templates for the HR-XML 3.0 specification, enabling rapid interface configuration. Discover more about the eiPlatform and the eiConsole for HR-XML.

Automate Member Message Validation and Certification

The Validation Server is another critical component of our solution suite. It enables automated validation and certification of trading partners’ messages, standardizing initial and ongoing information exchange. Companies receiving standardized messages from multiple trading partners can publish their message formats and rules, allowing partners to test transactions before going live. Learn more about the HR-XML Validation Server’s capabilities.

Unlock the Power of HR-XML with PilotFish’s Model Viewer

Maximize your use of HR-XML with PilotFish’s XML for HR Model Viewer. This user-friendly, searchable reference guide offers an easy-to-navigate representation of the HR-XML standard, facilitating logical mapping to and from HR-XML. Learn more about the HR-XSD Model Viewer.

Leverage HR-XML with PilotFish’s Advanced Tools

Harness the full potential of HR-XML with PilotFish’s specialized tools, designed to support the unique semantics of the HR-XML standard. Download a free 90-day trial of the eiConsole for HR-XML today.

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