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Implement the HR-XML Standard 10 to 100x Faster with Tools Specifically Designed to Handle the Nuances of HR-XML

The HR-XML Standard offers the HR industry the common messaging standard needed to enable communication between all the disparate and legacy systems. The ongoing development of the HR-XML standard and its data interchange vocabulary is helping to facilitate this communication and foster faster systems integration, but it’s not enough. Tools are required that can handle the complex semantics of the HR-XML standard and do the heavy lifting. Organizations need automated processes and reusable templates to really leverage the HR-XML standard and reap its rewards. That’s where PilotFish can help.

PilotFish integration engine solutions enable the seamless integration of all your internal and external systems and offers specific support for the HR-XML standard. If you’re an IT professional in the HR industry you are well aware of the challenges inherent with systems integration and data communication. Every time a new provider is added, another set of conventions for communication must be added and custom code needs to be written. One trading partner is using one version of HR-XML while another is using their own version of HR-XML, or is not using XML at all. Your company may be using yet another flavor. Bringing in a new vendor or delivering a new product takes a lot of time and is costly.

Whether your organization is starting with a simple point-to-point interface or is developing a comprehensive SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), PilotFish’s integration solution is uniquely architected to handle the complex nuances of the HR-XML standard, help you get your projects done faster and create deliverables of higher quality. It is why the HR-XML Consortium itself is a licensee of our software and has partnered with PilotFish to offer its tools to its members.

Configure HR-XML Interfaces Faster with Support for HR-XML Built Right in

At the core of our integration engine solutions is the eiPlatform. It is a complete Java framework that supports the high volume and secure, run-time processing of interfaces developed using the eiConsole the IDE developers workstation, another core product. With the eiPlatform, any system(s) or services can be integrated with any other system(s) or services regardless of platform, operating system, database or communication protocol. Designed specifically to support the HR-XML standards is the eiConsole for HR-XML. In addition to the core features of the eiConsole it includes pre-built templates for the HR-XML 3.0 specification. Learn more about the eiPlatform and the eiConsole for HR-XML.

Verify and Validate Member Messages Automatically

Another component, the Validation Server, enables the automated validation and certification of trading partners’ messages to standardize initial and ongoing information exchange. A company that is receiving the same messages from multiple trading partners (ApplicationAcknowledgement) can “publish” their message formats and rules to allow the trading partners to test their message transactions before going “live”. Learn about features specific to the HR-XML Validation Server.

Free HR-XML Standard Reference Guide the HR-XML Model Viewer

Get the most out of HR-XML with PilotFish’s XML for HR Model Viewer. The XML for HR Model Viewer offers an easy-to-navigate representation of the standard and is fully searchable. This powerful reference guide facilitates logical mapping to and from HR-XML. Learn more about the HR-XSD Model Viewer.

Put the power of HR-XML to work for you with PilotFish tools, built to support the unique semantics of the HR-XML standard. Download a free trial copy of the eiConsole for HR-XML today or call us to schedule a personal WebEx demonstration.

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