OpenTravel Integration Solutions

Modern B2B Integration Solutions for OpenTravel XML Standards

The OpenTravel Alliance (OTA) has developed a comprehensive and cohesive set of XML specifications for airlines, car rental companies, hotels and other travel industry stakeholders and it enjoys widespread adoption with millions of XML transactions pulsing through the industry each day. However, these OpenTravel XML implementations can be complex and rarely come without issue. PilotFish shares OpenTravel’s “passion for solving problems inherent with connecting multiple systems within the complex travel distribution arena. We offer a suite of tools to facilitate OpenTravel integration.

Note: PilotFish does not provide any kind of travel API ourselves. Instead, we provide a set of software tools that help you integrate any API into your system.

eiConsole for OpenTravel – Developer’s IDE

The eiConsole for Open Travel is an integrated development environment (IDE) for developers and technical business analysts that offers an intuitive paint-by-numbers approach. It has been engineered expressly for OpenTravel-compliant XML messaging  and offers a unique blend of OpenTravel XML specific features:

  • Imports both the OpenTravel XSD and associated documentation
  • Provides searchable OpenTravel documentation
  • Supports “drag & drop” Codelists
  • Has transaction templates for all 240+ OpenTravel messages
  • Enables OpenTravel-compliant Model extensions
  • Supports multiple OpenTravel model releases, model upgrades, and different model interpretations

The eiConsole for Open Travel allows implementers of the travel XML standard to choose from a pre-developed library of interface templates. These templates provide schemas (XSDs) and example OpenTravel XML messages for every defined request and response type. Whether you are seeking to develop a web service interface to a hotel booking engine (e.g., Priceline’s or to implement the HTNG specifications within a hotel chain, the eiConsole enables a faster, better and more cost-effective implementation than those produced by hand coding or horizontal vendor products alone.

The eiConsole for Open Travel is the developer’s compliment to the eiPlatform runtime. Learn about the CORE FEATURES of the eiConsole.

eiPlatform – Integration Engine Powerhouse

PilotFish’s eiPlatform is a complete Java framework with a central XML hub architecture. Processors and adapters allow you to connect all the different hospitality and travel systems, internal or external, so they no longer need to communicate separately. By implementing a many-to-one and one-to-many (common model integration) method of managing interfaces you can dramatically lower the total number of interfaces required between your internal and external business applications. Learn more about the eiPlatform.

Sample Interface Diagram in eiPlatform Software

If you’re curious about the software features, free trial, or even a demo – we’re ready to answer any and all questions. Please call us at 860 632 9900 or click the button.

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