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  • 10 Easy Steps to Building an Interface with PilotFish Middleware
    Point, click, drag n' Drop your way to building an interface with the eiConsole by PilotFish. The rapid creation of end-to-end interfaces is supported in our software using configuration screens, an intuitive Data Mapper and File-to-XML Editor.
  • 100% Successful On-Time & On-Budget Insurance Integration Tools
    PilotFish has the insurance integration tools, experience, and technical expertise to help shorten timelines, eliminate risk, and achieve success. PilotFish tools offer comprehensive support for any format and any insurance standard including ACORD, AL3, CITS, CLIEDIS, DTCC, HIPAA, and NAILBA.
  • 3 Levels of XML Validation Rules in PilotFish eiConsole InterFace Software
    The eiConsole's Validation Processor allows validating the Inbound Data against external sources – Files, Databases and Contextual Information. An unsuccessful validation can be used to generate either a validation report or to throw an exception, which will trigger an alternate system process.
  • 7 Steps to Setup & Use the eiTestBed by PilotFish for Trading Partners
    PilotFish creates a customized eiTestBed for your organization with your own branding. Your organization's definitions are then encoded in the Portal's testing facility based on your sample requirements. After initial setup, your organization can manage and extend your validation rules through simple configuration.
  • Accelerate DTCC Integration with Easy Insurance Data Exchange
    PilotFish and the eiConsole for DTCC have now made the development and management of these feeds easier than ever before. The eiConsole for DTCC’s bundle provides unparalleled support for DTCC-specific requirements including both IPS flat file layouts and the ACORD Standard DTCC TXLife Transactions.
  • Achieve Successful Implementations of ETL, EII, and EAI with PilotFish
    You can achieve cost-effective and successful implementation of ETL, EII, and EAI with the PilotFish eiConsole (EIC) and eiPlatform (EIP) Middleware. To survive in today's business climate, organizations must adopt a cohesive strategy for managing data assets.
  • ACORD Extensions Built Into PilotFish Data Mapping Software
    The eiConsole for ACORD’s schema management capabilities take the pain out of migration between different versions of an ACORD XML schema. When schema extensions are saved, a record of changes to the XSD is maintained. This allows the changes to be “replayed” and re-applied to the upgraded schema version.
  • ACORD Message Testing Built-In with the XCS eiConsole for ACORD
    In addition to building interfaces with the eiConsole for ACORD, the eiConsole can also be used to independently test these interfaces before they are deployed to an eiPlatform server environment. The eiConsole includes 2 different modes for ACORD Message Testing.
  • ACORD Model Viewer Vocabulary Tool Boosts Productivity
    The Model Viewer for ACORD is a free Web-based reference for the ACORD Property & Casualty and Life Data Models. Save hours of time and be more productive with this valuable resource from PilotFish. Check out all the great features!
  • ACORD Schema Slicing a Snap with PilotFish's Data Mapper
    The schema management component of the eiConsole for ACORD's Data Mapper allows the user to create a subschema from a sample XML document, XSLT mapping, or customized view. This allows you to manage any very large schemas effectively. Learn how!
  • ACORD XML Validation a Snap with the eiConsole for ACORD
    The eiConsole for ACORD allows you to perform ACORD XML Validation and do away with the time consuming & error-prone process of desk checking sample feeds. It offers an incredibly robust data validation facility that can be used to describe arbitrarily complex validation rules.
  • Add Web Service Security Headers to Your Document with PilotFish
    PilotFish's eiConsole Interface Software Web Service Security processor adds various web service security headers to the document it receives. 4 different types may be added: XML Digital Signature, Timestamp, Username Token & SAML Authorization. View more valuable B2B Adapter options in our integration software.
  • API Integration with PilotFish Middleware - Flight Status & Tracking APIs
    Companies in the travel industry are facing tough competition. A Flight API is a great way to create seamless connectivity between airlines, travel agencies and tour operators. Note: We provide software tools to help you integrate any API into your system, not the API itself.
  • API XML Integration with API and PilotFish Interface
    PilotFish offers you integration with service through API. The Advantages of integration by using application programming interfaces goes far beyond cost and automation. After the initial interface is built, it requires very low maintenance.
  • Automate the Validation and Certification of Trading Partner Messages
    PilotFish's OpenTravel Validation Server automates the entire process of validating & certifying trading partners' messages.
  • B2B Adapter / Listener Configuration of Programmable Java Routes
    Routes within the eiConsole and eiPlatform can be programmatically invoked through a simple Java API. View More B2B Adapters & Options in PilotFish's Suite of Software. Download a full version of the software and try it for Free for 90 Days!
  • B2B Adapters (Processors) Connect to Any Source System or Service
    Connect to Any Source System or Service Configuration Using a Wide Range of B2B Adaptors or Processors Available in the XCS eiConsole. The user can connect to any source system or service regardless of the communication protocol. Free 90-Day Software Trial!
  • B2B Adapters or Listeners Configure Easily to Any Protocol
    Achieve B2B Connectivity to Any Source System or Service Regardless of the Protocol with the XCS eiConsole's Adapter Listener Component. Review our extensive list of Listeners which include SQL, Database Table, POP3, FTP, TCP/IP, JAVA, HTTP and more. Download Free 90-Day Trial of Software!
  • B2B Authentication - eiConsole Allows Password Authentication
    The Authentication Processor will allow the user to pull a username and password out of the incoming data stream (assuming that it is XML). They will use these to match against a username and password configured in an environment settings file or against a custom authenticator.
  • B2B Integration Solutions for OpenTravel XML Standards with PilotFish
    The eiConsole for Open Travel is an integrated development environment (IDE) for developers and technical business analysts that offers an intuitive paint-by-numbers approach. It has been engineered expressly for OpenTravel-compliant XML messaging and offers a unique blend of OpenTravel XML specific features.
  • B2B Transports or Adapters Connect to any Target System Protocol
    The Transport Adapter component of the eiConsole allows you to connect to any Target system or service regardless of communication protocol. Popular transports included with the eiConsole - Command Line Transport, SQL Transport, Database Table Transport, Directory Transport, SMTP, SSL, SSH, HTTP Post, JMS, MSMQ & More.
  • Base64 Processors Supported in PilotFish Interface Management Software
    The PilotFish eiConsole Supports Base64 Encoding and Decoding (Input and Output). As with all the components of the eiConsole, the user is presented with a graphical interface with easy to configure panels. PilotFish offers a suite of Interface Management Software. Take a Look!
  • Batch Failure Monitor Included in PilotFish eiConsole & eiPlatform
    The eiConsole and eiPlatform offer the Batch Failure Monitor, which handles Failures of Transactions that are part of a Transaction Batch. The Batch Failure Monitor is a specialized Transaction Monitor that handles failures of transactions which are part of a transaction batch by explicitly de-allocating them.
  • Best Enterprise Integration Platform Solution by PilotFish
    The eiPlatform enterprise integration solution is a complete Java framework leveraging application server technology, web services & industry XML standards.
  • Bundle PilotFish's Integration Solution with Your Products & Services
    PilotFish offers the ideal solution for solution providers with services and/or products or manufacturers that need to integrate their systems, applications, databases or equipment with other systems, applications, databases or equipment. We offer black box solutions!
  • Business Intelligence (BI) is a Critical Company Asset - Use It Wisely
    Real-time access to rationalized, relevant data is a prerequisite for the data mining and data analysis that supports business intelligence. The PilotFish eiConsole and eiPlatform Middleware provide the ideal framework for providing such a view into your company’s information assets.
  • Business Validation Rules Applied to XML Files with PilotFish
    Data validation is often limited to checking the structure of an XML document and the data types contained therein. The application consuming the XML must not only be able to parse the incoming XML but to process the transaction. A hierarchy of business rules validates your data further with PilotFish Software.
  • Car Rental XML API Integration with PilotFish Middleware
    PilotFish can integrate your website with car rental booking engines that reflect the full range of services presented by numerous car rental suppliers, without affecting the speed and accuracy of multiple connections.
  • Careers at PilotFish - Leaders in Integration Middleware
    Now hiring Java Systems Integration Specialists to learn and apply PilotFish Technology's breakthrough software products for integrating disparate systems using XML standards for communication.
  • Chained Transactions - Call External Routes or Interfaces Easily
    The eiConsole, by PilotFish, will allow you to call an external route (interface) using the Call Route Processor. As with all the components of the eiConsole, the user is presented with a graphical interface with easy to configure panels.
  • Character Set Conversions for EBCDIC and Base 64 Encoding & Decoding
    The eiConsole Supports Character Set Conversions for EBCDIC and Base 64 Encoding and Decoding (Input & Output). With the eiConsole's support for EBCDIC and Base 64 Encoding and Decoding, there are 4 options for Character Set Conversions. The user is presented with a graphical interface with easy to configure panels.
  • Common XML Route or Pipeline Operations Supported by PilotFish
    All common XML pipeline operations are supported by PilotFish's eiConsole Integration Engine. These including XML transformations, Copy / Identity Transformations, Fork/Split, Wrap, Conditionals, Loops, Tees, Semantic Enrichment, Exception Handling and More.
  • Compare eiConsole for DTCC vs General Insurance Integration Tools
    Use this chart to see how your integration solution stacks up to the award-winning eiConsole for Insurance by PilotFish. This list of over 20 DTCC ACORD features will highlight many areas where our superior interface software could be saving you 1000's of hours.
  • Configuration of Workflow or Process Orchestration Listener in PilotFish
    How to Configure Listener for a Process Orchestration Listener in the eiConsole Middleware by PilotFish. Example Shows Routing Messages from EMR to Clinic. You are given advanced options to determine if a new event should be fired, the firing conditions and actions to take. Message Routing just got a lot easier!
  • Configure JMS Adapter with Many Options in PilotFish's Interface Software
    Easily Connect to Java Messaging Service (JMS) with the eiConsole's JMS Adapter (Listener). The JMS Adapter component of the eiConsole offers the user a graphical interface with easy to configure screens.
  • Contact PilotFish Inc. - Providing Middleware for Rapid Integration
    How can we help? We can answer questions on our integration software, schedule a demo or help with a technical software issue for current customers. Please contact us by filling out our Contact form or call us directly at 860 632 9900. We are available 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST.
  • Create, Edit & Maintain ACORD XML Schemas with PilotFish Middleware
    Users of the ACORD XSD or Schema will benefit from the intuitive, graphical user interface of the PilotFish's eiConsole for ACORD's Data Mapper while managing multiple versions of the ACORD XML schema and working with custom extensions. Free 90-Day Trial of eiConsole!
  • Cruise XML API Integration with PilotFish Middleware Makes Life Easier
    Implement an online booking engine with cruise APIs or with the Amadeus cruise API to significantly improve the performance of your business. Note: PilotFish does not provide any kind of travel API ourselves. Instead, we provide a set of software tools that help you integrate any API into your system.
  • CSV to XML Easy File Conversions with PilotFish's eiConsole IDE
    With the eiConsole transformation between CSV files and XML documents is facilitated via the use of the “Delimited and Fixed-Width File” transformation module As with all the components of the eiConsole, the user is presented with a graphical interface with easy to configure panels.
  • CT State Report on Department of Public Health Enterprise Data Integration
    CT State Report on Department of Public Health (DPH) utilizing PilotFish HL7 interface engine for Enterprise Data Integration of its Immunization Reports. The interface accepts HL7 2.3.1 & 2.5 versions of immunization records from 100's of healthcare providers statewide and will accommodate any protocol. View the PDF.
  • Data Attribute Swapper Important Feature in PilotFish Software
    With the Data Attribute Swapper, the eiConsole and eiPlatform treat data flowing through the system in two pieces. They can swap data between attributes and the data stream. As with all the components of the eiConsole, the user is presented with a graphical interface with easy to configure panels.
  • Data Compression or Decompression with PilotFish Interface Engine
    PilotFish's Integration Engine, the eiConsole, can perform compression or decompression (GZIP, TAR, ZIP) of the data in your route or interface. Data may need to be compressed before sending it to an external trading partner or when faced with a batch file containing millions of records. Free 90-day software trial!
  • Database Table Listener or Adapter Polls Table Data in Interface Software
    The Database Table Adapter allows polling one database table for any information contained within the table. As with all the components of the PilotFish eiConsole software, the user is presented with a graphical interface with easy to configure screens.
  • Database Table Transport Configuration Options in PilotFish Interface
    The Database Table Transport has been replaced by the Database SQL Transport in the PilotFish's Interface Software. As with all the components of the eiConsole, the user is presented with a graphical interface with easy to configure panels for entering basic to advanced route connection information.
  • Database to XML File Transformations using PilotFish Middleware
    PilotFish's eiConsole Interface Engine facilitates transformations involving the results of a database query to and from XML. With the eiConsole, transformations are accomplished via the various SQLXML modules in the eiPlatform module library, including the "Database Polling SQL Listener".
  • Develop, Deploy, Manage & Maintain Interfaces with PilotFish eiDashboard
    PilotFish’s web UI delivers multi-dimensional operational insight for greatly reduced downtime and issue resolution on the fly. By utilizing the eiDashboard users can view interface activity, from high-level message orchestrations all the way down to discrete operations.
  • Directory Listener or Adapter for Route & Interface Configuration
    The Directory Adapter (Listener) allows the eiConsole and eiPlatform to periodically poll a Directory for a file or set of files that will be picked up and used to initiate a transaction. The Directory Adapter offers 4 tabs for configuring the behavior: Basic, Advanced, Postprocess, and Scheduling.
  • Document Style Web Service Adapter or Listener in PilotFish Middleware
    The Document Style Web Service Adapter (Listener) allows you take a data stream in through a WSDL defined Web Service, which includes one method that accepts all of the inbound data as a single string parameter. This is the simplest way to implement a WSDL described Web Service.
  • DSS for the State of Connecticut Implements Interface Using PilotFish
    Using PilotFish software, the Department of Social Services (DSS) has implemented a production interface converting XML files to flat files.
  • Easily Perform Batch Spliting or Forking Operations in the XML Workflow
    During the implementation of some business processes (BPM), there may be a need to perform a parallel split (Batch Splitting) or forking operation. XML workflows with forking/splitting operations can be implemented with easily with PilotFish Interface Software.
  • EBCDIC to ASCII Conversion with PilotFish eiConsole Middleware
    The eiConsole Supports EBCDIC Input and Output Conversions. To perform EBCDIC Conversions with the eiConsole's EBCDIC Conversions Processor is simply a matter of configuring a few screens. As with all the components of the eiConsole, the user is presented with a graphical interface with easy to configure panels.
  • EDI to XML Bi-Directional File Conversion with PilotFish eiConsole
    Easily convert data freely between EDI formats (delimited and fixed-width layouts) and XML with PilotFish's eiConsole Software. Specifications utilized by the module are inherently bi-directional, allowing a format description for converting one EDI format to XML to convert that same XML into the (original) EDI format.
  • eiConsole for ACORD - Fastest Way to Implement the ACORD Standard
    Develop End-to-End ACORD Interfaces with our Exclusive Point-and-Click Graphical Interface Software by PilotFish. Implement the ACORD Standard Today! The eiConsole for ACORD is an integrated development environment (IDE) for the creation, management, maintenance and sharing of ACORD interfaces.
  • eiConsole for ACORD – Designed for Implementing the ACORD Standard
    PilotFish's eiConsole for ACORD software offers the insurance industry faster and risk-free implementation of XML Integration. The eiConsole for ACORD was developed for the specific purpose of creating, deploying, managing, and maintaining ACORD interfaces.
  • eiConsole for Reinsurance vs General Integration Tools Comparison Chart
    PilotFish's XCS eiConsole for Reinsurance vs General Integration Tools – Use this chart to see how your integration solution stacks up to the award-winning XCS eiConsole for Insurance. Do you have the ability to read in ACORD PCS and ACORD RLC XSD and their associated metadata files with a few mouse clicks? We do.
  • eiConsole LAH ACORD Tools vs General Integration Tools - See Chart!
    XCS eiConsole Life/Annuities/Health (LAH) vs General Integration Tools – Use this chart to see how your integration solution stacks up to the award-winning XCS eiConsole for Insurance by PilotFish.
  • eiPlatform Integration Engine Compatible with Popular Application Servers
    PilotFish's eiPlatform Integration Engine solution software is compatible with all of the popular application servers including Apache Tomcat, Glassfish, WebSphere, JBoss & WebLogic. All of the components are also easily configurable & extensible through open APIs.
  • Email Alert Option in PilotFish's eiConsole Used for Interface Management
    PilotFish's eiConsole provides a complete Integrated Development Environment for the configuration, management & maintenance of interfaces. The eiConsole's Email Alert Transaction Monitor will send an email to a specified address with error details when an exception occurs in the interface.
  • Encrypted FTP Over SSH Adapter Option in PilotFish's Interface Engine
    The eiConsole offers easy configuration of an Encrypted FTP over SSH Adapter with a host of features built-in. As with all the components of PilotFish's eiConsole interface engine, the user is presented with a graphical interface with easy to configure screens.
  • End User Licensing for PilotFish Integration Middleware Products
    Solution providers of applications or cloud services may purchase end-user licenses of PilotFish's software to support their specific integration requirements. PilotFish proves its worth and demonstrates how it can solve even the most complex integration challenges with its integration engine solutions. Ask for a demo!
  • Enjoy Rapid Implementation of NIEM XML Standards with PilotFish
    The eiConsole Interface Engine from PilotFish has been specially designed to take advantage of the inherent flexibility of using NIEM XML standards. Learn how PilotFish can help you implement these standards in your organization.
  • Ensuring EPA Data Quality Standards with Automated Testing & Validation
    PilotFish's eiConsole's Validation Processor can be used to define complex data scrubbing and validation rules (using XSLT, XML Schema, Schematron, or custom validation routines) to ensure that data quality standards are met.
  • Enterprise Integration Engine IDE - A Complete Integration Solution
    Achieve world-class enterprise integration with the PilotFish eiConsole, a complete integrated solution to not only rapidly create, but to also easily manage and maintain end-to-end interfaces. It is a graphical IDE with configurable and fully customizable components. Free 90-Day Trial!
  • Error Route Trigger Feature on Interface Middleware from PilotFish
    The Error Route Trigger Transaction Monitor allows you to build arbitrarily complex error handling directly into an eiConsole or eiPlatform interface middleware. As with all the components of the eiConsole, the user is presented with a graphical interface with easy to configure panels.
  • Expedia API Integration - PilotFish Software Helps You Integrate any API
    More and more travel companies are conducting their operations around a business platform using open APIs. PilotFish offers integration of your service with an Expedia API, which provides you with a unique ability to scale your business operations. Note: We do not provide a travel API ourselves, only integration tools.
  • Fast ACORD Data Mapping with PilotFish eiConsole Software
    Want the best of breed drag and drop ACORD Data Mapping Tool? It's a component of the eiConsole for ACORD. Unlike other tools, the Data Mapping component was explicitly built to support the ACORD standard. This essentially means that it can read in the entire ACORD Life Schema Release!
  • File to XML Editing a Snap with PilotFish Software
    File to XML editing allows the user to choose between the Delimited and Fixed-Width File Transformation Module. The graphical interface utilizes color coding and tabs that allow the user to easily perform File to XML editing. Tab Delimited, CSV, COBOL copybooks, HL7 v2.x v3.x and other files can be directly imported.
  • Flat File to XML Conversions with PilotFish Interface Software
    PilotFish's XCS eiConsole Interface Software quickly converts data from one format to another. With the XCS eiConsole conversions between Flat-File formats and XML are easily handled via the Delimited and Fixed-Width File transformation module.
  • FTP Listener
    The eiConsole, PilotFish's Interface Engine, allows the configuration of a general FTP adapter/listener with a host of features built-in. Configure how often to poll the FTP Server, file name restrictions, file extension restrictions, tokenizers, polling directory and host (FTP server). See the advanced options.
  • FTP Over SSL Adapter (Listener) One of Many Types of BTB Connection
    PilotFish's eiConsole Integration Software offers a configuration of FTP Over SSL (Explicit & Implicit) Adapter with a host of features that are built into the product. As with all the components of the eiConsole the user is presented with a graphical interface with easy to configure screens.
  • GDS Travel Integration - Software Tools to Help You Integrate Your API
    PilotFish provides GDS integration within your new or existing online travel website. GDS integration connects travel agents & customers all over the world. Note: PilotFish does not provide any kind of travel API ourselves. Instead, we provide a set of software tools that help you integrate any API into your system.
  • Getting Started with PilotFish - Resource Center for State of CT
    PilotFish and DAS/BEST have been working together to make it easy to get started with the PilotFish integration products. If this is your agency’s first experience with the software, use the simple steps to ensure a productive initial experience. Not a CT dept or agency? Call PilotFish for a demo or consultation.
  • Government System Integration Achieved Easily with PilotFish Middleware
    PilotFish's Middleware solution allows Government departments and agencies to bridge the gap between old, new and disparate systems. PilotFish Software enables systems to "speak" to one another regardless of what platform, operating system, database or protocol is involved.
  • Governments Automate the Process of Message Validation & Certification
    The eiTestBed is a cloud-based self-service solution that provides all of the resources required to establish standardized initial and ongoing information exchange. The eiTestBed includes a web repository combined with an automated testing, validation & message simulation facility.
  • HL7 LLP (TCP/IP) Listener Configured in PilotFish Integration Middleware
    HL7 LLP Listener Monitors a specified TCP socket for HL7 messages. The Basic, Advanced and Mode Tabs allow additional configuration of the PilotFish's Interface Software. We can connect to any format, data or protocol. Try our product - Free 90-Day Trial!
  • Hotel XML Integration & Hotel Booking APIs - PilotFish Integration Engine
    It is vital to provide your customers with the best selection of hotels at the most competitive rates. The fastest way of getting access to numerous hotel resources is with Hotel XML integration. PilotFish provides a set of software tools that help you integrate any API into your system.
  • HR-XML Model Viewer - Free HR-XML Standard Reference Guide
    Now you can get the most out of HR-XML with PilotFish’s free XML for HR Model Viewer. The PilotFish Hr-XSD Model Viewer is a free Web-based schema browsing tool driven from HR-XML deliverables. It is a powerful reference guide designed to help you map to or from the HR-XML standard.
  • HTTP Form / POST Adapter (Listener) Easily Configured in the eiConsole
    With the eiConsole, the user can easily configure an HTTP Form/POST Adapter (Listener). There are 2 tabs for the HTTP Form / POST Adapter: Basic and Advanced. As with all the components of the eiConsole, the user is presented with a graphical interface with easy-to-configure screens.
  • HTTP POST Adapter or Listener Simple Configuration in eiConsole
    HTTP POST Adapter or Listener is easily Configure with the XCS eiConsole, PilotFish's interface engine. Basic and Advanced options easily set with the graphical user interface. Take the eiConsole for a test drive, we offer a Free 90-day trial!
  • HTTP POST Command Line Listener Option in Integration Software
    The eiConsole, PilotFish's Integration Engine, offers an HTTP Post Command Line Adapter. It can be invoked by a simple command line application. As with all the components of the eiConsole, the user is presented with a graphical interface with easy to configure screens.
  • Human Resource XML (HR-XML) Supported by Integration Software
    Fast implementation with built-in templates for each of the HR-XML Business Object Documents (BODs). Build a custom HR-XML interface in a few hours!
  • Implement the HR-XML Standard 10 to 100x Faster with PilotFish Engine
    Software Tools are required that can handle the complex semantics of the HR-XML standard and do the heavy lifting. Organizations need automated processes and reusable templates to really leverage the HR-XML standard and reap its rewards. That's where PilotFish can help!
  • Insurance Integration Tools for Implementation of EDI & XML Standards
    PilotFish has the insurance integration tools, experience, and technical expertise to help shorten timelines, eliminate risk, and achieve success. Pilotfish tools offer comprehensive support for any format and any insurance standard including ACORD (LAH, PCS, RLC, AML) AL3, CITS, CLIEDIS, DTCC, HIPAA, & NAILBA.
  • Insurance Self-Service Resource for Onboarding Customers, Painlessly
    The eiTestBed software combines a self-service facility with a repository & everything needed to interface with your system - automated testing, validation, and certification of trading partner messages. Onboard trading partners faster & improve your bottom line.
  • Insurance Trade Organization Memberships with ACORD & IRI
    PilotFish is Proud to Have Established Strong Relationships With the Leading Insurance Trade Organizations - ACORD & IRI.
  • Integration Testing & Simplified Route Maintenance Feature of PilotFish
    Interfaces Configured and Tested in the Enterprise Integration Console (eiConsole) are Deployed to Production on the eiPlatform Runtime at the click of a mouse. Simply highlight the interface, point to the correct server and click Commit Route. PilotFish Software makes route management simple!
  • Integration Testing Performed Before Deployment with PilotFish eiConsole
    Perform Inline End-to-End Integration Testing of Developed Interfaces Before Deployment including Detailed Error Messages of any Failed Stages for Easy Analysis within the eiConsole, PilotFish's Interface Engine. You can click any of the stages and view the output of each stage.
  • IT Consulting Services from PilotFish - Augment Staff When You Need It
    PilotFish delivers supplemental local internal IT resources with broad experience and healthcare and insurance domain expertise. We help healthcare providers, payers and solution provider companies build, implement and maintain solutions that adhere to industry standards and regulatory compliance mandates.
  • Java API Listener/Adapter Easily Configured in Interfaces with PilotFish
    PilotFish's Interface Software, eiConsole & eiPlatform, allow easy scriptless configuring of interfaces or routes. These interfaces can easily be programmatically invoked through a simple JAVA API within the XCS eiConsole and XCS eiPlatform software.
  • Java XML Binding Options in PilotFish's Interface Engine Software
    Binding or marshalling to and from XML in the eiConsole, PilotFish's Interface Engine, is handled via the use of the "Java Objects" Processors, of which there are Input and Output versions. Take a look at the impressive number of options & features in our integration software.
  • JMS (Java Messaging Service) Transport Supported by Integration Engine
    The eiPlatform and eiConsole, PilotFish's Integration Middleware, supports connectivity to a messaging middleware typically handled through JMS (Java Messaging Service). As with all the components of the eiConsole, the user is presented with a graphical interface with easy to configure panels.
  • Key Encryption or Decryption of Data in PilotFish Interface Engine
    Add Key Encryption or Decryption to the Processor selected in PilotFish's Interface Software. The Encryption Configuration allows you to choose from the following Encryption algorithms CAST5, BlowFish, Triple-DES, and IDEA. See other features in our Integration Software.
  • Leverage PilotFish Software Tools with ACORD Information Exchange
    Our middleware is specially tuned to the needs of the insurance industry. Adopted by 100's of insurance carriers, service providers & software companies the PilotFish suite is used to connect “Anything to Anything”, irrespective of data format or connectivity protocol.
  • Licensing PilotFish Integration Software - Choose Your Best Option!
    We know one size does not fit all when it comes to the integration and business requirements of organizations today.  PilotFish offers end user, product bundling, VAR, and special developer licenses to suit any integration or business requirement.
  • MIME Decoder Processor Selection in PilotFish Interface Software
    With the eiConsole's MIME Multipart Input Processor Multi-part, messages come in as one data stream and are then split into multiple parts for handling. A primary body part will be treated as the main input stream. Other parts will be placed into attributes.
  • MIME Multipart Processor Option in PilotFish Interface Engine
    PilotFish's eiConsole Interface Engine offers a MIME Multipart Output Processor. Easily attach additional information to the MIME stream. The MIME Text Subtype can be plain, XML or HTML. You can also specify a set of headers to be output with the MIME message if it is an HTTP based response.
  • MISMO & Financial XML Standards Implementation Tools from PilotFish
    Leverage Application Server Technology and Enable Seamless Communication with a Proven Integration Solution that Supports the Unique Requirements of MISMO, DTCC, and Other Financial XML Standards.
  • MISMO and Financial XML Standards Implementation Tools From PilotFish
    Leverage Application Server Technology and Enable Seamless Communication with a Proven Integration Solution that Supports the Unique Requirements of MISMO, DTCC & Other Financial XML Standards. Bridge old legacy systems & new technologies with PilotFish!
  • MISMO Standards Leveraged with Integration Engine & Productivity Tools
    The eiConsole Interface Engine for MISMO has been designed to support MISMO standards in the Mortgage and Lending space. The eiConsole for MISMO allows users to leverage MISMO standards - such as the 3,000 word dictionary and transaction-oriented file layouts - and reap the benefits of XML standards integration.
  • MSMQ Listener/Adapter one of Many B2B Options in PilotFish Software
    Easily Accept Data Coming in through a Microsoft MQ Queue with the eiConsole's MSMQ Adapter/Listener. The eiConsole's MSMQ Adapter offers the user a graphical interface with easy to configure screens. This MSMQ Adapter has two tabs: Basic and Advanced.
  • MSMQ Transport Connection Option with PilotFish Interface Software
    The eiConsole and eiPlatform, PilotFish's Integration Middleware, support connectivity to a Microsoft Based Queuing Environment (MSMQ). Easily connect to any Target System or Service, regardless of Communication Protocol, with the eiConsole’s Transport Adapter Components.
  • MTOM Message Parsing with the eiConsole, PilotFish's Integration Engine
    The eiConsole (PilotFish's Interface Engine) MTOM Input Processor Parses an MTOM-Encoded (Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism) Message Into Text. The eiConsole's MTOM Output Processor Converts a SOAP Request into an MTOM-Encoded (Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism) Message, Including Attachments.
  • Passing Route Data to Another Route Easy with Interface Software
    The Route to Route Transport selection allows you to pass data between various Routes, Interfaces or Workflows. When you wish to hand data off from one Route to the next, you will use the Route To Route Transport in the eiConsole - PilotFish's Interface Engine Software.
  • PilotFish eiConsole for DTCC Bundle Supports Unique Semantics.
    The eiConsole offers developers and business users the most comprehensive graphical IDE for interface development available. Each component is fully integrated and customizable for maximum flexibility. The eiConsole DTCC bundle provides substantial enhancements to enable unparalleled support for DTCC.
  • PilotFish eiConsole's Directory Transport in Integration Software Engine
    PilotFish's Interface Software Engine, eiConsole, features a Directory Transport Configuration. This is used to place files into a directory, either on the local machine or somewhere on a network file system. There are basic and advanced options for batch sensitive options.
  • PilotFish Insurance Partnerships - Integration Solutions for Insurance
    PilotFish is proud of its close relationships with its partners where together we can serve the needs of our clients best. To learn more about how PilotFish integration solutions for Insurance can help you implement the ACORD and IRI standard, please contact us.
  • PilotFish Integration Middleware Products in Action - Watch a Quick Video!
    Watch a video highlighting PilotFish products, Demo's of the eiConsole for ACORD LAH, ACORD PCS or eiConsole for Healthcare. The eiConsole is PilotFish's flagship integration engine in a suite of outstanding software. Try it for Free for 90-days!
  • PilotFish Integration Software Runs on All Operating Systems
    All of the components that comprise the eiPlatform framework are written in Java. The eiPlatform will run on any operating system that supports a JVM which includes all of the popular operating systems available - AIX, UNIX, HP-UX, Linux, Windows & Mac OS X.
  • PilotFish Integration Solutions Q&A for State of Connecticut
    PilotFish Technology Resource Center for the State of CT - Questions and Answers. When should I consider using PilotFish products for my project? Does DAS/BEST provide the PilotFish software or is it hosted at my agency? Does PilotFish provide professional services to help build out interfaces?
  • PilotFish Interface Engine (eiConsole) Supports RMI Adapter Connections
    Get support for connections through Remote Method Invocation (RMI) with the eiConsole's RMI Adapter (Listener). As with all the components of the eiConsole, the user is presented with a graphical interface with easy to configure screens.
  • PilotFish Interface Engine Supports Encrypted FTP over SSH or SFTP
    PilotFish's Interface Engine, the eiConsole, supports Encrypted FTP over SSH or SFTP. As with all the components of the eiConsole, the user is presented with a graphical interface with easy to configure panels. Easily connect to any “Target” system or service, regardless of communication protocol. Take a Look!
  • PilotFish Interface Engine Supports Sophisticated XML Workflow Options
    Pilotfish's Interface Engine, the eiConsole, allows XML Workflow components that go beyond point-to-point integration. Splitting, Sequencing, Merging, Branching, Conditional Logic & Iteration options are also available for more sophisticated routing of your data.
  • PilotFish Middleware Allows COBOL Copybook to XML Transformations
    PilotFish's eiConsole Offers COBOL Copybook to XML Transformations Via the "Delimited and Fixed-Width File" Transformation Module. The eiConsole lets you easily convert COBOL Copybook to XML transformations are bi-directional.
  • PilotFish Middleware Has Become "The Standard" for XML Implementation
    The entire range of PilotFish offerings is built upon a foundation of practical experience and demonstrable success. Since our founding in 2001, we have experienced rapid growth and widespread acceptance of our products and services. PilotFish tools have become “the standard” for XML standards implementation.
  • PilotFish Middleware Supports HTTP POST Transport in Interface Engine
    PilotFish's eiConsole Interface Engine and eiPlatform support the HTTP Post Transport for communicating with a wide variety of HTTP compliant Target systems. As with all the components of the eiConsole, the user is presented with a graphical interface with easy to configure panels.
  • PilotFish Product Training for New Customers or Specific to Areas
    PilotFish training enables users of our products to become self-sufficient and master the art of developing, testing, deploying, maintaining, and monitoring interfaces. Companies that complete training should be fully capable of building and maintaining interfaces independently. Product support is also available.
  • PilotFish Product Tutorials - Resource Center for the State of Connecticut
    PilotFish offers a complete, onsite training program to get started with and master its suite of products. Part of this training program includes generally available materials including training videos, written tutorials, and relevant examples. Contact PilotfFish if you are interested in custom or individual training.
  • PilotFish Provides All the Tools Needed to Deploy ESB & Realize SOA
    PilotFish eiConsole & eiPlatform provide all of the connectivity, transformation, monitoring, and management tools needed to successfully deploy an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and realize a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). PilotFish Middleware was developed in the process of implementing real-world interfaces.
  • PilotFish Provides Implementation Services Expertise for Product Installs
    PilotFish will work collaboratively with you during an implementation. PilotFish often recommends a pilot implementation of the eiPlatform (Java Runtime) & eiConsole (IDE) products. At the conclusion of the pilot, you will be fully capable of building, deploying, managing & maintaining interfaces. Give us a call!
  • PilotFish Provides Technical Support When & Where You Need It
    Technical Support can be provided via phone, email, WebEx or scheduled on site. We can accommodate any support requirement, including 24/7, under a support package. We also provide training on our Interface Software products offsite or onsite.
  • PilotFish Release Notes - Upgrade Your Integration Engine Today!
    Review the latest upgrade & enhancement details for PilotFish's eiConsole & eiPlatform Integration products. Technical staff is available to help you.
  • PilotFish Software Training Videos for the State of Connecticut
    PilotFish has provided onsite product training for State of Connecticut employees. Review the recorded video sessions as well as descriptions of the topics covered in each session. Any state agency or department, including State Universities and Medical Centers, may utilize this software as part of the state's license.
  • PilotFish Technical Specifications for Interface Software and Tools
    Review the long list of supported databases, formats, protocols & platforms for the suite of PilotFish intagration software products.
  • PilotFish Technology - Developer & User of Integration Software
    At PilotFish Technology we are both the developers and users of our integration products. We have a perfect record of on-time, on-budget implementations.
  • PilotFish the Leader in Integration Products & Solutions
    At PilotFish, we are both the developers and users of our integration products. PilotFish's offerings are built upon a foundation of practical experience and demonstrable success. We have maintained a 100% perfect track record of successful, on-time, on-budget implementations. Try our core product Free for 90 Days!
  • PilotFish Transaction Monitor Allows for Proactive Error Notifications
    The eiConsole's Transaction Monitors allow you to configure Proactive Notifications in the case of an Exception or an Error. Some examples include Email Alert Monitor, Error Route Trigger, SNMP Trap, and Batch Failure Monitor. Don't be surprised, monitor proactively!
  • PilotFish's Command Line Transport Interprets Data for Interfaces
    PilotFish's eiConsole's Command Line Transport is used to Interpret Data that has flowed through the System as a Command to Execute at the Command Line. As with all the components of the eiConsole, the user is presented with a graphical interface with easy to configure panels.
  • PilotFish's Interface Engine Supports SOAP-Based Web Services
    PilotFish's eiConsole supports the invocation of SOAP-based Web Services. Create through the HTTP Post Listener or the SOAP Web Service Listener.
  • PilotFish's One-Stop Online Marketplace for Interface Templates - PIE!
    Organizations can gain new efficiencies and realize potentially dramatic savings with the PilotFish Interface Exchange (PIE). The PIE is your one-stop online marketplace for interface templates and components developed using our breakthrough graphical IDE, the eiConsole.
  • POP3 Listener or Adapter Option in eiConsole Interface Software
    The Email POP3 Adapter of the eiConsole and eiPlatform permit the periodic polling of a POP3 based email account and the acceptance of data out of the body or an attachment of an email. To configure the Email POP3 Adapter (Listener) you are presented with three tabs: Basic, Advanced and Credentials.
  • Property and Casualty ACORD Tool Comparison Chart
    XCS eiConsole Property & Casualty (P&C) vs General Integration Tools – Use this chart to see how your integration solution stacks up to the award-winning XCS eiConsole for Insurance. PilotFish has the ability to import into the Data Mapper any source and target formats such as XSD, XML, VSAM, DDL, ACORD, and AL3.
  • Read the Latest News & Updates from PilotFish - The Integration Experts!
    Read the latest news, and press releases from PilotFish, Inc. News about product improvements and enhancements, case studies, and events we will be attending.
  • Regex Evaluation One of Many Useful Features of Interface Engine
    PilotFish's Interface engine includes Regular Expression Processors that can be used to search for particular terms in a data stream and replace them with other terms. This can be very useful when escaping or un-escaping certain sequences of characters. Take a look at the many time-saving features in our software.
  • Remove Namespaces from an Inbound XML File with PilotFish's eiConsole
    Some target systems will not be able to handle XML namespaces while other targets will supply them. In these cases, it is handy to be able to remove namespaces from an inbound XML document with the eiConsole's Namespace XML Processor by PilotFish. This can be done on the Listener or Transport side.
  • Replace Manual & Resource Intensive Processes with XML Validation Tool
    Now solution providers, labs, carriers, government agencies, HIE's or any agency or organization can automate the onboarding or certification of new members or customers with the eiTestBed. PilotFish can be customized to meetu unique branding, validation rules, and system requirements. We are integration experts!
  • Reseller Program for VARs, System Integrators & Software Developers
    PilotFish has established a Channel Partner program for value-added resellers (VARs), systems integrators and independent software developers.
  • Route XML Transactions based on XPath Expressions with the eiConsole
    The XCS eiConsole XML Workflow's Routing Module Allows You to Select Appropriate Execution Path or Paths when a Message Route has Multiple Targets.
  • Schematron Validation
    Schematron and XSLT-Based Data Validation Are Fully Supported with Validation Models in the XCS eiConsole's Validation Editor and XML Validation Processor
  • SMTP Transport Used to Send Data via PilotFish Interface Engine
    The eiConsole Email (SMTP) Transport allows you to send data via SMTP. As with all the components of the eiConsole, PilotFish's Integration Engine, the user is presented with a graphical interface with easy to configure panels. View the many other B2B transport/adapter options in our robust software.
  • SNMP Transaction Monitor Standard in Pilotfish Integration Software
    PilotFish software supports integration with any application that uses the Simple Network Monitoring Protocol (SNMP), with the SNMP Trap Transaction Monitor. The mechanism used to report errors in this protocol is called an SNMP Trap. Take a look at the many connection options in our interface engine software.
  • SOAP Header Processor Allows Flexible Customization
    The SOAP Header Processor allows you to select either the SOAP Wrap Processor or SOAP Unwrap Processor with different SOAP versions with PilotFish Software.
  • SOAP Web Service Listener Supported by PilotFish Middleware
    The eiConsole by PilotFish supports SOAP Web Service Listener in its Integration Engine Middleware with Advanced Options.
  • SOAP Web Services Adapters/Listeners Supported by PilotFish Software
    Get Full Support for SOAP Web Services with the eiConsole Interface Software from PilotFish. The eiConsole supports SOAP Web Services and offers a SOAP Web Service Listener/Adapter. As with all the components of the eiConsole the user is presented with a graphical interface with easy to configure screens.
  • Socket Listener/Adapter Easily Configured in PilotFish Integration Software
    PilotFish's sophisticated interface engine, the eiConsole, can handle any protocol or file type. Integrate old and new systems easily. The Listener or Adapter allows the user to specify a Generic Socket based protocol over which data will be received into the eiConsole environment. Take a look at all the options.
  • Specify Socket-Based Protocol for Receiving Data in PilotFish Engine
    This Generic Socket Adapter (Listener) allows the user to specify a generic socket-based protocol over which data will be received into the eiConsole environment. As with all the components of the eiConsole, the user is presented with a graphical interface with easy to configure screens.
  • SQL Connections in PilotFish's Interface Engine with Multiple Options
    The Database SQL Transport is used in the eiConsole, PilotFish's Interface Engine, when you wish to connect to a relational database. As with all the components of the eiConsole, the user is presented with a graphical interface with easy to configure panels. Connect "Anything to Anything" with this robust platform.
  • SQL Database Adapter in PilotFish Middleware for Routing Your Data
    PilotFish's Integration Middleware provides relational database adapters or listeners for your SQL data. Use this option to accept data from a relational database, poll from a table, execute a query or execute a stored procedure. Scheduling & other options available too. Take a look!
  • SSL (Explicit) Transport Supported in PilotFish Interface Engine
    The eiConsole supports FTP over SSL (Explicit). As with all the components of the eiConsole, the user is presented with a graphical interface with easy to configure panels.
  • SSL Transport & Other FTP Protocols Supported by Integration Software
    PilotFish integration software supports a wide variety of FTP protocols including FTP Over SSH, Plain Text FTP, and FTP Over SSL. As with all the components of the eiConsole, the user is presented with a graphical interface with easy to configure panels.
  • State of Connecticut - DSS Interfaces with Federal Govt Using PilotFish
    CT's DSS Interfaces the Federal Office of Child Support QUICK System with State's Case Management Platform using PilotFish Middleware.
  • State of Connecticut Dept of Health Selects Pilotfish eiTestBed
    CT's Department of Health (DPH) selected PilotFish's eiTestBed Middleware to support meaningful use testing for all hospitals and practices in the state.
  • State of Connecticut DOH Embraces PilotFish Integration Software
    PilotFish's Integration Engine Solution Solves the State's Reporting Requirements for Immunization and Disease Reporting.
  • State of Connecticut PilotFish Resource Center
    PilotFish Resource Center for the State of Connecticut. Learn about the capabilities of the software and the opportunities it presents.
  • State of Connecticut Replaces 300 Interfaces in < 6 Weeks
    PilotFish Technology Resource Center for the State of Connecticut. Core CT has begun a migration of all of these processes to the PilotFish eiPlatform.
  • State of CT's DESPP Automates Manual Data Process with PilotFish
    DESPP worked with PilotFish to develop a public-facing web portal to electronically request and process requests for criminal history.
  • Static Polling Listener Features Advanced Options in Interface Software
    PilotFish's Static Polling Listener option in the eiConsole interface software has basic and advanced features for setting up your route listeners such as polling intervals, restarting on a listening error, allowing command line invocation and more. Take a look. Free 90-day trial of our software.
  • Supported Databases
    The XCS eiPlatform is compatible with all of the popular databases including SQL Server, Oracle Database or Oracle RDBMS, DB2 or The IBM DB2 Enterprise Server Edition, MySQL, Postgres SQL or Postgres, and H2.
  • Symmetric Encryption & Decryption Options with PilotFish Interface Engine
    The eiConsole and eiPlatform Interface Software from PilotFish Allows for Simple Decryption and Encryption Using a Password.
  • Synchronous Response Transport
    Synchronous Response Transport. Synchronous Response Transport Allows You to Provide Data Back to the Listener to Send to the Source System
  • Systems Integration Solution of HL7 Data to and from NIH System
    Participating medical research facilities must provide information in an HL7 data format. PilotFish's eiConsole explicitly supports data transformation to and from the HL7 standard using a point, click, drag, and drop visual interface.Data Transformation to or from HL7 for the NIH System. Free 90-day software trial!
  • Tab-Delimited to XML File Conversions in PilotFish Software
    PilotFish's eiConsole handles tab-delimited to XML file conversions when configuring interfaces and routes. This is one of many options available.
  • Target XML Transformation
    Maintain General Metadata Describing the Route, Specify Routing Rules and Configure Transaction Monitoring, All with an Easy-to-Use Graphical Interface
  • TIFF to XML Conversion with PilotFish's eiConsole Interface Engine
    The XCS eiConsole's Multipage TIFF to XML Processor Converts a Binary TIFF Stream Into a Base64-Encoded XML Representation. What type of message or file conversion do you need? Review our software for a long list of options we provide. Free 90-Day trial!
  • Transaction Attributes Populated During Route Processing with PilotFish
    PilotFish eiConsole's Transaction Attribute Population Processor populates a transaction attribute based on an expression. This can be a literal, OGNL or an environmental variable. The processor creates, alters or populates an attribute with a specified name and uses a supplied value or expression.
  • Transform Route Data Using MD5 Hashing Algorithm with PilotFish
    With the MD5 Hashing Processor, the user of the eiConsole by PilotFish can accept a data stream and execute an MD5 hashing algorithm against it, transforming the data stream into an MD5 hash of the source data. Just add the encryption key and you're done!
  • Travel Industry API Integration Software Solutions from PilotFish
    Travel industry API integration service from PilotFish. We have the tools to help you integrate your API into any system.
  • Value Added Reseller License for PilotFish Integration Software
    Need to deploy on the cloud? Need a lightweight option to be deployed on a device with limited CPU capacity? Need a restricted license that limits the integration to interfaces either into or out of a customer application or system? Need a robust integration engine to add to your product offerings? We can do that!
  • Verify & Validate HR-XML Messages w Pilotfish HR-XML Validation Server
    PilotFish makes validating member messages simple and is a vast improvement over current manual & labor-intensive processes. With the PilotFish HR-XML Validation Server, organizations can automate the validation and certification of their trading partners' messages to standardize any information exchange.
  • Web-Based Reference for any XML Schema Definition - XSD Viewer
    PilotFish Model Viewers Provide a Web-Based Reference for any XML Schema Definition (XSD) which may be imported & displayed in a user-friendly HTML format.
  • WebSphere MQ Connectivity for Messaging Environments with PilotFish
    Get native support connectivity to WebSphere MQ messaging environments with the WebSphere MQ Series Transport in the eiConsole - PilotFish's Interface Engine. As with all the components of the eiConsole, the user is presented with a graphical interface with easy to configure panels.
  • WebSphere MQ Series Listener Supported by PilotFish Integration Engine
    Get Full Support for the WebSphere MQ Series with the eiConsole, PilotFish's interface engine. The eiConsole supports WebSphere MQ Series with its WebSphere MQ Series Adapter (Listener). As with all the components of the eiConsole, the user is presented with a graphical interface with easy to configure screens.
  • WSDL to XML File Transformation Easy in Interface Software by PilotFish
    PilotFish's eiConsole offers easy transformations between WSDL-based source documents and XML formats handled via the XSLT transformation module. Other default XML data mapping defaults include XSD to XML, XML to XML, XML to HTML, Database to XML.
  • XCS eiPlatform's Java Framework Offers Developers Great Advantages
    PilotFish's software is a Java framework for integration. The framework is compatible with all major operating systems, databases, and application servers.
  • XLS to XML File Conversion with PilotFish Middleware
    Natively Accept an XLS file or Excel Spreadsheet for Conversion Into an XML Format with the PilotFish's eiConsole Excel Sheet Converter Processor. Other B2B Adapters/Processors include Key Encryption, Java XML Binding, XML Validation Rules, EBCDIC to ASCII, and more. Download a free 90-Day Trial!
  • XML Data Mapping Increases Developer Productivity 10x with PilotFish
    XML Data Mapping using an exclusive graphical three-pane interface to generate XSLT transformations that are all W3C-compliant. Transform any data format to any other such as HL7, ACORD, DTCC, HR-XML, OpenTravel, MISMO or custom formats. See all the options.
  • XML File Transformations Made Easy with PilotFish Interface Software
    With PilotFish's eiConsole Interface Software, the File-to-XML Editor and Data Mapper transform the data from the source system into a common XML standard format with ease. The File Specification Editor lets you import sample data formats into the File Specification Editor, where it can be visually edited.
  • XML Integration - Flexible, Future-Proof Middleware Solutions
    PilotFish XML Integration Solutions Leverage Application Server Technology, Web Services, & XML Standards for Rapid Integration. We provide XML Integration Solutions across many industries including healthcare, insurance, financial, and human resources.
  • XML Integration Solutions for Healthcare, Insurance, Government & More
    XML Solutions for Every Industry - Finance, Government, Insurance, Healthcare, Human Resources or Travel. PilotFish Software provides data integration for a variety of scenarios and works with a vast number of protocols, industry standards, and file formats.
  • XML Integration Solutions for Insurance - ACORD Standard Supported
    eiConsole is the only integration tool that supports insurance & ACORD-specific requirements for Life & Annuity, Property & Casualty. Free 90-Day Trial!
  • XML Logging & Auditing Features Available in eiConsole Middleware
    The XCS eiConsole Contains a Simple Transaction Audit Processor that Will Take the Data Stream and Persist It to Disk along with other XML Logging Features.
  • XML Schema Extensions No Problem with Schema Management
    Perform schema extensions or additions with graphical ease utilizing the eiConsole's Schema Management Component. No More Migration Headaches! See the 5 easy steps to adding a schema with PilotFish's Interface Engine, eiConsole. Free 90-day trial!
  • XML Schema Importing, Slicing, Adding Extensions & More with PilotFish
    Import a Schema at the click of a button, add standards-compliant extensions, provide documentation and perform schema slicing all with graphical ease using PilotFish's eiConsole data mapper schema management capabilities. A graphical tool that lets you successfully implement standards-based communications.
  • XML Schema Slicing in 4 Easy Steps with PilotFish's Interface Engine
    Schema Slicing - Perform Schema Slicing All with Graphical Ease utilizing the XCS eiConsole's Schema Management Component. The process can be completed in 4 easy steps within PilotFish's Interface Software.
  • XML Schema Validation - PilotFish Interface Engine
    The XML Schema (XSD) Validator is Supported with Validation Models in PilotFish's eiConsole's Validation Editor and XML Validation Processor. While PilotFish software does not require the use of XML Schema, it does provide a number of useful tools for interacting with various XML schemas / XSD files. Free 90-day Trial!
  • XML Services - IT Consulting, Tech Support, Implementation & Training
    A Full Range of XML Services Built on a Foundation of Experience & Expertise. Our Experienced Professionals Know What Works & What Doesn't. How Can We Help?
  • XML Standards Fast & Easy to Implement with PilotFish Middleware
    PilotFish Middleware makes it easier than ever before to adopt industry-specific XML Standards with the eiConsole, PilotFish's Interface Engine. Drag N Drop data mapping, Connectivity Adapters (Listeners and Transports) are available for every common modern and legacy connectivity protocol and more. FREE 90-day trial!
  • XML to HTML Conversions Handled Easily with PilotFish Middleware
    XML to HTML Transformations or Conversions Easily Accomplished with the XCS eiConsole - PilotFish's Core Software Product. Free 90-Day Trial!
  • XML to PDF File Conversions with PilotFish Interface Engine Software
    The XCS eiConsole by PilotFish Offers Transformation between an XML Document and a PDF Document Through an Interim XSLT Transformation and the Operation of a Processor. File transformations of many types and standards handled by the software.
  • XML to XML File Data Mapping with PilotFish Interface Engine
    With the XCS eiConsole, PilotFish's Interface Software, data transformations are facilitated between XML documents by the use of XSLT. Review all of the options in this sophisticated mapping software and become 10x more productive. Free 90-Day Trial!
  • XML Validation Component of eiConsole Validates Messages on 3 Levels
    Slash B2B integration timelines with the automated XML validation component of PilotFish's Integration Engine - eiConsole. Validation models can be developed which support field, file, and external-context validation. If unsuccessful, generate a report or trigger an alternate process. Automate management of your data.
  • XML Validation Tool by PilotFish for Trading Partner Messages
    The Validation Server enables the automated validation and certification of trading partners' messages to standardize initial and ongoing information exchange. A company that is receiving the same messages from multiple trading partners can "publish" their message formats and rules before going live.
  • XML Workflow Allows Merging of Asynchronous Data with PilotFish
    PilotFish eiConsole XML Workflow's Process Orchestration Module allows for the implementation of any number of synchronization and state-based workflow patterns. Merge asynchronous transactions coming in from different sources at different times. Create a rendezvous point for data arriving from different sources.
  • XPath Evaluation Processor Utilizes Graphical Easy-to-Use Interface
    You might find that it can be useful to take a piece of information out of an XML based input stream and store it in a transaction attribute. The eiConsole from PilotFish has the XPath Evaluation Processor to serve this function.
  • XSD to XML File Transformations a Snap with PilotFish's eiConsole
    With the XCS eiConsole transformations between XSD-based source documents and XML formats are handled in an easy-to-use graphical interface. With PilotFish Integration Software you can connect Anything to Anything. Many file formats and protocols available.
  • XSLT Debugger with Easy-to-Use Graphical Interface in Data Mapper
    With PilotFish's eiConsole Data Mapper, users can debug XSLT through Step-by-Step Execution, XPath statement evaluations, live output and a variety of tabs for displaying ongoing information.

All posts

  • PilotFish to Exhibit at IASA Educational Conference & Business Show
    With PilotFish’s focus on financial services, insurers, third party providers and solution providers within these industries the IASA event provides an optimum opportunity to not only meet with existing clients but to forge new partnerships and relationships.
  • PilotFish to Exhibit & Speak at ACORD 2016 Conference
    PilotFish a long time supporter of ACORD is pleased to announce that it will be exhibiting at the ACORD 2016 conference. PilotFish offers the only insurance-specific integration solution suite that enables the implementation of ACORD standards up to 10x faster than previously possible.
  • PilotFish Exhibiting at IASA Educational Conference & Business Show
    With PilotFish’s focus on financial services, insurers, third party providers and solution providers within these industries the IASA event provides an optimum opportunity to not only meet with existing clients but to forge new partnerships and relationships.
  • Lightning Fast Integration in Action with PilotFish’s Automated Interface
    See PilotFish integration software in action. RESTful-based, real-time operational reporting & management to greatly reduce downtime. Integration with FHIR with our fully implemented FHIR support. Visit PilotFish at HiMMS16 and see live demos.
  • PilotFish to Exhibit and Speak at ACORD 2015 Conference
    PilotFish, a long time supporter of ACORD, is pleased to announce that it will be exhibiting at the ACORD 2015 conference. PilotFish offers the only insurance-specific integration solution suite that enables the implementation of ACORD standards up to 10x faster than previously possible.
  • Scyllogis & PilotFish Partner to Provide Straight-Through-Processing (STP)
    PilotFish, announced a strategic alliance with Scyllogis Consulting to provide Straight-Through-Processing (STP) to the London Market. The combination of the two companies’ capabilities will enable any entity participating in the Global Reinsurance & Large Commercial (GRLC) market.
  • PilotFish to Attend the Annual IASA Annual Educational Conference
    With PilotFish’s focus on financial services, insurers, third party providers and solution providers within these industries the IASA event provides an optimum opportunity to not only meet with existing clients but to forge new partnerships and relationships.
  • PilotFish Demos Integration Software at HiMSS in Chicago
    Previewed at HiMSS was PilotFish’s new support for FHIR. FHIR,’s new healthcare standard, joins the long list of PilotFish supported standards. These include HL7 2.x (all versions), HL7 3.x, XML, DICOM, CCD/CDA, EDI and CSV, among others.
  • PilotFish's Interface Engine & Morrison Healthcare a Winning Combination
    PilotFish announced today that Morrison Healthcare has gone into production with its MyDining application in multiple hospitals. Morrison, a member of Compass Group, is the nation’s leading contract food & nutrition service (FNS) serving more than 600 hospitals and integrated healthcare systems.
  • PilotFish Expands Value Added Reseller Program for Its Integration Engine
    PilotFish, the developer of the most technologically advanced, easy-to-use and proven integration engine product portfolio, recently expanded its Value Added Reseller (VAR) program. The distribution rights were awarded to a limited number of select solution providers. Read what insurance industry partners have to say.
  • StoneRiver to Distribute PilotFish Integration Engine Software
    StoneRiver, Inc., the trusted insurance technology partner with solutions across multiple business lines, announced that StoneRiver has signed a Value-Added Reseller Agreement authorizing StoneRiver to distribute PilotFish software and provide associated integration services.
  • Adminovate & PilotFish Join Together for Better Integration Solutions
    Deploying the PilotFish eiPlatform with Adminovate’s forwardPAS will simplify the integration of forwardPAS with any internal or external systems, regardless of platform, operating system, data format, connectivity option or data standard
  • Agencyport Software & PilotFish Deliver Insurance Integrated Solutions
    Agencyport Software, a leading provider of software and services to the global insurance and reinsurance industries, announced a day ahead of the annual ACORD LOMA Insurance Systems Forum that it has forged a partnership with PilotFish Technology to provide integrated workflow solutions to the insurance industry.
  • PilotFish Interface Exchange (PIE) Introduced by PilotFish
    PilotFish Interface Exchange (PIE) is a Web-based application that enables any entity in the insurance value chain to easily and rapidly share interfaces and interface components that were developed using the PilotFish eiConsole.
  • Stoneriver & PilotFish Offer Insurance Clients New Integration Process
    StoneRiver & PilotFish announce the first joint deployment of LifeSuite and the XCS eiPlatform. The combination of these products offers insurance clients the painless implementation of a seamlessly integrated business process. The LifeSuite user interface supports enhanced customization & increased speed-to-market.
  • ACORD Members Benefit from Integrated Solution of ACORD Standards
    PilotFish Technology is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with ACORD whereby ACORD will offer and distribute PilotFish Technology’s XCS eiConsole for ACORD to its members.
  • SAP IDoc Integration Solution Offered with PilotFish Middleware
    PilotFish enhanced its award-winning eiConsole Software to natively support the SAP IDoc formats. The eiConsole was developed for the purpose of developing, deploying, managing, & maintaining interfaces between any system regardless of platform, operating system, database, data format, or communications protocol.
  • PilotFish Enhances XCS Middleware by Adding for .NET Developers
    A systems enhancement to PilotFish Software included an integration solution whereby .Net developers can utilize their existing .Net technology and skills to build, test, deploy, and maintain interfaces using the eiConsole. Increase your productivity today!
  • OpenTravel Alliance Partners with PilotFish for FastRez™ Connectivity
    OpenTravel Alliance and PilotFish Technology have announced a strategic partnership that will further enhance OpenTravel Alliance’s FastRez™ software. FastRez is the first connectivity solution to seamlessly automate reservations for smaller hospitality companies.
  • PilotFish Software Provides Powerful ACORD Schema Management
    PilotFish is pleased to announce that ACORD has licensed PilotFish's flagship products, the XCS eiPlatform and eiConsole to help support their own internal Schema management. PilotFish is delighted that ACORD has recognized our expertise and has selected our tools to add value to the schema management process.
  • AGIA Insurance Services Selects PilotFish as Systems Integrator
    PilotFish to provide the integration tools and expertise to enable the integration of their internal administration systems with ATTUS Technologies OFAC WatchDOG solution. PilotFish XCS eiPlatform enabled seamless integration with a third party provider once again.
  • Ranking Confirms PilotFish Leading Systems Integrator for Insurance
    PilotFish's Middleware products have gained market leadership by meeting insurance industry-specific integration requirements. These industry-specific features and capabilities are unmatched in the industry and can dramatically reduce the time and cost to address insurance industry integration requirements.
  • PilotFish Middleware Products Provide Insurance-Specific Added Value
    IBM has awarded PilotFish Advanced Level Industry-Optimized Status for Insurance in their PartnerWorld program. PilotFish Middleware adds value to IBM’s technical infrastructure by addressing insurance industry-specific integration requirements. Reduce the time & cost to implement your insurance interface.
  • Illinois Mutual Licenses PilotFish Interface Software for Insurance Needs
    PilotFish is pleased to announce that Illinois Mutual Life Insurance Company has licensed and implemented the XCS eiPlatform and XCS eiConsole to support the development and deployment of several e-commerce interfaces.
  • AAA Life Licenses eiPlatform for ACORD-Compliant SOAP Web Interfaces
    PilotFish, Inc. announced that AAA Life Insurance has licensed the XCS eiPlatform to support ACORD-compliant, SOAP web service interfaces. The collaboration of four companies, AAA Life, Renkim Corporation, MIB Group, Inc., and PilotFish, Inc., has resulted in the successful implementation and live production operation.
  • PilotFish Achieves Advanced Level Status in IBM’s PartnerWorld
    PilotFish awarded Advanced level membership in IBM’s PartnerWorld program as the result of implementing its XCS eiPlatform integration solution for leading insurance companies that are committed to IBM’s infrastructure.
  • CGI Simplifies Integration w PilotFish ACORD Standards-Based Software
    CGI has signed a Complementary Marketing Agreement with PilotFish, Inc. CGI will be an authorized user of the XMLife Communications Suite (XCS). The addition of the XCS toolset will enable CGI to provide the insurance industry with a pre-integrated, ACORD standards-based, new business acquisition solution.
  • PilotFish Offers Integrated Compliance Solution for Finance Companies
    Bundling Aquilan's Patriot Manager & PilotFish's XMLife Communications Suite offers financial services companies end-to-end integrated compliance solution.
  • PilotFish & MIB Agree to Become Certified Alliance Partners
    PilotFish is pleased to support the MIB inquiry and response transactions using its XCS Enterprise Integration Platform (EIP). Built upon PilotFish's XCS toolset and leveraging the Internet, Web Services, and ACORD standards, the XCS EIP enables the seamless integration of internal and external business partners.

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