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  • PilotFish to Exhibit at IASA Educational Conference & Business Show
    With PilotFish’s focus on financial services, insurers, third party providers and solution providers within these industries the IASA event provides an optimum opportunity to not only meet with existing clients but to forge new partnerships and relationships.
  • PilotFish to Exhibit & Speak at ACORD 2016 Conference
    PilotFish a long time supporter of ACORD is pleased to announce that it will be exhibiting at the ACORD 2016 conference. PilotFish offers the only insurance-specific integration solution suite that enables the implementation of ACORD standards up to 10x faster than previously possible.
  • PilotFish Exhibiting at IASA Educational Conference & Business Show
    With PilotFish’s focus on financial services, insurers, third party providers and solution providers within these industries the IASA event provides an optimum opportunity to not only meet with existing clients but to forge new partnerships and relationships.
  • Lightning Fast Integration in Action with PilotFish’s Automated Interface at HiMSS16
    See PilotFish integration software in action. RESTful-based, real-time operational reporting & management to greatly reduce downtime. Integration with FHIR with our fully implemented FHIR support. Visit PilotFish at HiMMS16 and see live demos.
  • PilotFish to Exhibit and Speak at ACORD 2015 Conference
    PilotFish, a long time supporter of ACORD, is pleased to announce that it will be exhibiting at the ACORD 2015 conference. PilotFish offers the only insurance-specific integration solution suite that enables the implementation of ACORD standards up to 10x faster than previously possible.
  • Scyllogis & PilotFish Partner to Provide Straight-Through-Processing (STP)
    PilotFish, announced a strategic alliance with Scyllogis Consulting to provide Straight-Through-Processing (STP) to the London Market. The combination of the two companies’ capabilities will enable any entity participating in the Global Reinsurance & Large Commercial (GRLC) market.
  • PilotFish to Attend the Annual IASA Annual Educational Conference and Business Show
    With PilotFish’s focus on financial services, insurers, third party providers and solution providers within these industries the IASA event provides an optimum opportunity to not only meet with existing clients but to forge new partnerships and relationships.
  • PilotFish Announces FHIR Support in its Healthcare Integration Solutions
    PilotFish, a leading provider of middleware solutions, officially announced support today for the new FHIR standard. HL7 and a group of organizations and vendors have launched the Argonaut Project. This project is designed to provide acceleration funding & publish FHIR guides & profiles.
  • PilotFish Demos Integration Software at HiMSS in Chicago
    Previewed at HiMSS was PilotFish’s new support for FHIR. FHIR,’s new healthcare standard, joins the long list of PilotFish supported standards. These include HL7 2.x (all versions), HL7 3.x, XML, DICOM, CCD/CDA, EDI and CSV, among others.
  • PilotFish's Interface Engine & Morrison Healthcare a Winning Combination
    PilotFish announced today that Morrison Healthcare has gone into production with its MyDining application in multiple hospitals. Morrison, a member of Compass Group, is the nation’s leading contract food & nutrition service (FNS) serving more than 600 hospitals and integrated healthcare systems.
  • PilotFish HealthConnect for End-to-End Integration of Medical Devices
    HealthConnect is a platform agnostic application that resides on a smart device. It enables integration with anything, anywhere, using any format and connectivity protocol. HealthConnect works with any health or medical device that communicates with a smart device via USB, WiFi or Bluetooth.
  • PilotFish to Exhibit at HiMSS15 Launching HealthConnect, FHIR Support
    Applied PilotFish Healthcare Integration will be exhibiting at Booth #7339 at the annual HiMSS conference in Chicago for the 4th consecutive year. The company will be launching its new mHealth offering, called HealthConnect, and presenting its graphically enhanced eiDashboard and new support for the FHIR standard.
  • UHIN Selects PilotFish Integration Middleware as Critical Component
    Utah Health Information Network (UHIN) selected PilotFish's eiPlatform and eiConsole Healthcare Software Products as integral components of its future-state architecture. UHIN serves as both a clearinghouse for healthcare claims data and a Health Information Exchange (HIE) for the coordination of clinical data.
  • PilotFish to Exhibit at TeleHealth Remote Patient Monitoring Summit
    Easily integrate any Apple HealthKit or Android supported medical devices with any system, database or application with PilotFish's HealthConnect solution. Gain the ability to transform device data into any format and transmit using any communications protocol that a receiving system may require.
  • SMC Partners with PilotFish, Healthcare Integration Engine Solution Expert
    The partnership allows SMC Partners to leverage PilotFish’s integration capabilities with its own solutions and, as a VAR, to offer them to its clients. PilotFish products enable users to handle any integration requirement ranging from medical device integration, EDI, HIE and EHR integration.
  • RESTful-Based, Real-Time Interface Reporting & Management Dashboard
    PilotFish’s eiDashboard utilizes a RESTful-based API for all operational reporting and control capabilities. Other systems restrict such access through a proprietary user interface which makes bundling these systems with other software, equipment, or services much more difficult due to an inconsistent user experience.
  • Metro Bundles PilotFish Integration Software with MedDispense System
    Under the PilotFish-Metro agreement, Metro acquires the right to bundle PilotFish integration products with their MedDispense Automated Dispensing System and other technology-enabled products to facilitate flexible HL7 integration between their equipment and provider health information systems worldwide.
  • PilotFish Exhibiting at HiMSS14 - Software Product Demonstrations
    Test drive stations at HiMSS will be set up to allow visitors to experience first hand how intuitive, fast and fun interface configuration can be using the company’s products and its exclusive Assembly Line process. Experience configuring interfaces with drag & drop mapping - No Coding or Scripting!
  • PilotFish Healthcare Integration Engine Licensed by Crothall Healthcare
    PilotFish announced that its Healthcare Integration Engine solution has been licensed by Crothall Healthcare. The PilotFish solution will allow Crothall to reduce hospital operating costs, increase patient throughput, improve patient experience, and support clinical staff.
  • PilotFish Middleware Increases Morrison's Productivity & Hospital Services
    PilotFish Healthcare Integration Engine gives Morrison Healthcare a broad range of message and connection formats, along with the ability to easily extend them through an open API.  Guaranteed message delivery, reliable transformations, complex business rules are other advantages of the software.
  • PilotFish Healthcare Solves Unmet Integration Challenges with Middleware
    PilotFish Technology, a leading provider of Middleware Solutions, announced the launch of Applied PilotFish Healthcare Integration, Inc. (APHII), marketed as PilotFish Healthcare. The launch comes a year after the company first introduced a suite of integration solutions at the HIMSS annual conference.
  • PilotFish Expands Value Added Reseller Program for Its Integration Engine
    PilotFish, the developer of the most technologically advanced, easy-to-use and proven integration engine product portfolio, recently expanded its Value Added Reseller (VAR) program. The distribution rights were awarded to a limited number of select solution providers. Read what insurance industry partners have to say.
  • StoneRiver to Distribute PilotFish Integration Engine Software
    StoneRiver, Inc., the trusted insurance technology partner with solutions across multiple business lines, announced that StoneRiver has signed a Value-Added Reseller Agreement authorizing StoneRiver to distribute PilotFish software and provide associated integration services.
  • LDAP Enhanced Support in PilotFish's HL7 Interface Engine for Healthcare
    LDAP support has been extended with three new modules, the Listener and Transport Adaptors and an authentication module in the PilotFish eiConsole. By providing a product with an architecture that is highly extensible, we can continuously and easily add support for new technology as it emerges.
  • Adminovate & PilotFish Join Together for Better Integration Solutions
    Deploying the PilotFish eiPlatform with Adminovate’s forwardPAS will simplify the integration of forwardPAS with any internal or external systems, regardless of platform, operating system, data format, connectivity option or data standard
  • PilotFish Demos Interface Engine Software for Crowds at HiMSS
    Applied PilotFish Healthcare Integration wowed crowds with demos of its breakthrough interface engine IDE, the eiConsole for Healthcare and its automated testing and validation facility, the eiTestBed for Healthcare Integration.
  • Agencyport Software & PilotFish Deliver Insurance Integrated Solutions
    Agencyport Software, a leading provider of software and services to the global insurance and reinsurance industries, announced a day ahead of the annual ACORD LOMA Insurance Systems Forum that it has forged a partnership with PilotFish Technology to provide integrated workflow solutions to the insurance industry.
  • PilotFish Interface Exchange (PIE) Introduced by PilotFish
    PilotFish Interface Exchange (PIE) is a Web-based application that enables any entity in the insurance value chain to easily and rapidly share interfaces and interface components that were developed using the PilotFish eiConsole.
  • Stoneriver & PilotFish Offer Insurance Clients New Integration Process
    StoneRiver & PilotFish announce the first joint deployment of LifeSuite and the XCS eiPlatform. The combination of these products offers insurance clients the painless implementation of a seamlessly integrated business process. The LifeSuite user interface supports enhanced customization & increased speed-to-market.
  • ACORD Members Benefit from Integrated Solution of ACORD Standards
    PilotFish Technology is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with ACORD whereby ACORD will offer and distribute PilotFish Technology’s XCS eiConsole for ACORD to its members.
  • SAP IDoc Integration Solution Offered with PilotFish Middleware
    PilotFish enhanced its award-winning eiConsole Software to natively support the SAP IDoc formats. The eiConsole was developed for the purpose of developing, deploying, managing, & maintaining interfaces between any system regardless of platform, operating system, database, data format, or communications protocol.
  • PilotFish Enhances XCS Middleware by Adding for .NET Developers
    A systems enhancement to PilotFish Software included an integration solution whereby .Net developers can utilize their existing .Net technology and skills to build, test, deploy, and maintain interfaces using the eiConsole. Increase your productivity today!
  • OpenTravel Alliance Partners with PilotFish for FastRez™ Connectivity
    OpenTravel Alliance and PilotFish Technology have announced a strategic partnership that will further enhance OpenTravel Alliance’s FastRez™ software. FastRez is the first connectivity solution to seamlessly automate reservations for smaller hospitality companies.
  • PilotFish Software Provides Powerful ACORD Schema Management
    PilotFish is pleased to announce that ACORD has licensed PilotFish's flagship products, the XCS eiPlatform and eiConsole to help support their own internal Schema management. PilotFish is delighted that ACORD has recognized our expertise and has selected our tools to add value to the schema management process.
  • AGIA Insurance Services Selects PilotFish as Systems Integrator
    PilotFish to provide the integration tools and expertise to enable the integration of their internal administration systems with ATTUS Technologies OFAC WatchDOG solution. PilotFish XCS eiPlatform enabled seamless integration with a third party provider once again.
  • Ranking Confirms PilotFish Leading Systems Integrator for Insurance
    PilotFish's Middleware products have gained market leadership by meeting insurance industry-specific integration requirements. These industry-specific features and capabilities are unmatched in the industry and can dramatically reduce the time and cost to address insurance industry integration requirements.
  • PilotFish Middleware Products Provide Insurance-Specific Added Value
    IBM has awarded PilotFish Advanced Level Industry-Optimized Status for Insurance in their PartnerWorld program. PilotFish Middleware adds value to IBM’s technical infrastructure by addressing insurance industry-specific integration requirements. Reduce the time & cost to implement your insurance interface.
  • Illinois Mutual Licenses PilotFish Interface Software for Insurance Needs
    PilotFish is pleased to announce that Illinois Mutual Life Insurance Company has licensed and implemented the XCS eiPlatform and XCS eiConsole to support the development and deployment of several e-commerce interfaces.
  • AAA Life Licenses eiPlatform for ACORD-Compliant SOAP Web Interfaces
    PilotFish, Inc. announced that AAA Life Insurance has licensed the XCS eiPlatform to support ACORD-compliant, SOAP web service interfaces. The collaboration of four companies, AAA Life, Renkim Corporation, MIB Group, Inc., and PilotFish, Inc., has resulted in the successful implementation and live production operation.
  • PilotFish Achieves Advanced Level Status in IBM’s PartnerWorld Program
    PilotFish awarded Advanced level membership in IBM’s PartnerWorld program as the result of implementing its XCS eiPlatform integration solution for leading insurance companies that are committed to IBM’s infrastructure.
  • CGI Simplifies Integration w PilotFish ACORD Standards-Based Software
    CGI has signed a Complementary Marketing Agreement with PilotFish, Inc. CGI will be an authorized user of the XMLife Communications Suite (XCS). The addition of the XCS toolset will enable CGI to provide the insurance industry with a pre-integrated, ACORD standards-based, new business acquisition solution.
  • Bundling Aquilan & PilotFish Offers Integrated Compliance Solution for Finance Companies
    Bundling Aquilan's Patriot Manager and PilotFish's XMLife Communications Suite offers financial services companies end-to-end integrated compliance solution. The combination will provide financial services companies with the first pre-integrated, ACORD standards-based solution.
  • PilotFish & MIB Agree to Become Certified Alliance Partners
    PilotFish is pleased to support the MIB inquiry and response transactions using its XCS Enterprise Integration Platform (EIP). Built upon PilotFish's XCS toolset and leveraging the Internet, Web Services, and ACORD standards, the XCS EIP enables the seamless integration of internal and external business partners.

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