HR-XML Schema

PilotFish HR-XML Model Viewer the Ultimate Free HR-XML Standard Reference Guide

Now you can get the most out of HR-XML with PilotFish’s free XML for HR Model Viewer. The PilotFish HR-XSD Model Viewer is a free Web-based schema browsing tool driven from HR-XML deliverables. It is a powerful reference guide designed to help you map to or from the HR-XML standard.

The PilotFish XML for HR Model Viewer offers an easy-to-navigate representation of the HR-XML standard and is fully searchable. It is a free Web-based schema browsing tool driven from HR-XML deliverables which offers all these features:

  • Annotated XSD
  • Sample files
  • Other

Take advantage of this powerful reference guide to help you map to and from HR-XML.

Start using the PilotFish HR-XML Model Viewer now!

Put the power of HR-XML to work for you with PilotFish tools, built to support the unique semantics of the HR-XML standard. Download a free trial copy of our eiConsole for HR-XML today or contact us to schedule a personal demonstration.

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