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PilotFish delivers supplemental local internal IT resources with broad experience and healthcare and insurance domain expertise. We help healthcare providers, payers and solution provider companies build, implement and maintain solutions that adhere to industry standards and regulatory compliance mandates.

PilotFish experience runs the gamut and includes integrating systems, application and software development, system maintenance programming, object and system design, prototype development, software implementation and project planning and management.

Our reasonable rates make PilotFish resources a cost-effective alternative to augment your staff for rush projects, to cover spikes in workloads and for expertise that your staff may not currently have.

Representative Technology Stack

  • Standards – HL7 v2.x and 3.x, FHIR, EDI, C-CDA, XML, ACORD, HR-XML
  • Languages – Java, Python, Perl, Javascript, Shell scripting, XSLT
  • Frameworks – Major Enterprise and Common Java Frameworks (J2EE/EJB, JDBC/JPA/Hibernate, JMS, JSP/Servlets, Swing), SOAP, REST
  • Databases – Relational (Oracle, Postgresql, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL/MariaDB), Schema-less (MongoDB)
  • Platforms – Windows, Linux, Mac OS/X

PilotFish resources are available on a per project, contract or hourly basis either on-site or on a hybrid model consisting of remote and onsite as needed. All PilotFish resources are local residents of the Tampa / Brandon area.

We invite you to give us a call to discuss your requirements today at 813-864-8662 x 7000.

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