Release Notes 23R1

PilotFish Product Release 23R1 New Features and Updates


New Product Features & Improvements – FEB 2023


  • Transaction IDs are now UUIDs instead of incrementing integers
    • This is not applicable to Testing Mode in the eiConsole.  Testing mode will still have incrementing integers for transaction IDs
    • There should be a minor increase in performance due to not having to track integers over time
    • Allows clustered EIPs to be tracked via the eiDashboard’s Transaction Logging capabilities
  • The Watches Service is now disabled by default
  • Added ability to have additional EIP-roots loaded in different file paths
  • Added log info at runtime when the route has debug tracing enabled



  • Underlying GUI framework refactored to allow for smaller deliverable sizes of the eiPlatform and flexibility in distribution
  • Module code has been refactored into more subprojects from inside the XCS-core.jar
    • This allows for modules to more easily be individually patched or modified
  • Packaged JDKs are now smaller by about 100 MB
  • HL7 can now be selected for pretty printing in the testing mode stage output viewer 
    • If there is an HL7 flat file viewable as transaction data in testing mode, the “format as” dropdown at the top right of the menu will have an HL7 option that formats the view when selected
  • Removed Multiple Choice drop-down menu value restrictions



  • Complete overhaul of the front-end framework using Angular
    • Increased performance and responsiveness
    • More consistent look and feel
  • Enhanced Dynamic Reporting to allow visual report generation of any JDBC-compliant database
    • Allows creation of charts such as bar, line, pie, table etc.
  • Consolidation of several pages to reduce the number of links needed to click through
    • Example – No need to navigate back and forth on the Transaction Logging Page, everything is now loaded and just expands downward in the same view
  • Transaction Logging Page now allows for compound transaction attribute searching
  • eiDashboard on Docker Hub is now available 


Module Enhancements


  • Additional Validation in the EDI SNIP Validation Processor
    • SNIP Levels 6-7 are now supported directly in the Processor
    • Code set validation support was added using files generated by our new EDI Codes Database flat files 
  • Added EDI 999 Generation Processor
    • The EDI 999 Generation Processor uses the SNIP Validation Results attribute in tandem with the inbound EDI XML document to automatically generate an EDI 999 in EDI XML form based on those two datasets
  • Added EDI to Key-Value Processor
    • The EDI to Key-Value Processor Converts an EDI txt file into key values


  • Upgraded AWS modules to SDK v2


  • Added ability to send data to a locked object S3 bucket 
    • This allows for compatibility with buckets that have data retention policies enabled
    • See Amazon’s User Guide for more information
  • Added SSE (Server-Side Encryption) option when uploading data to S3


  • Added AWS STS Role Token Retrieval Processor
    • The AWS STS Role Token Retrieval Processor communicates with the AWS STS (Security Token Service) to assume a role and retrieve Token, Secret and Access keys associated with said role. These are stored as transaction attributes.
  • Added Assume Role for STS requests.  
    • The token can be used dynamically alongside other AWS modules which is typically done to increase security when authenticating AWS requests
    • See Amazon’s STS Reference for more information 

Transaction Logging

  • Added regex matching in the Allowed Attributes table when enabling Transaction Logging.  This means you no longer need to log each attribute you want to see in the eiDashboard; you can just assign a namespace 
  • For example – com.pilotfish.myNamespace.*
    • This will allow any attributes prefixed with “com.pilotfish.myNamepace” as the attribute key to be logged


  • JSONPath Processor no longer drains the data stream after use – meaning the transaction body will persist after parsing the JSON body using the processor


  • Upgraded to Saxon 10.8
  • Added XQuery Processor
    • XQuery is a SQL-like language for extracting data from XML documents
  • Added support of the Saxon SQL Extension
    • This enables SQL queries to be run inside XSLT transformations
    • More information on the Saxon SQL extension

Throttling Settings

  • Added to the Throttling tab, a setting for total file size KB and a checkbox that enables it. Together with “Max Concurrent Files”, these new settings limit how many files are processed concurrently based on file size


  • Added ability to flatten PDFs on output from PDF Filling Processor
    • Flattening a PDF removes any form fillable fields or intractability

Rabbit MQ

  • RabbitMQ now does a graceful restart of the channel if a Listener error caused a shutdown

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