EDI 856 Transaction

EDI 856 Advance Shipping Notice (ASN)

What is the EDI 856 Advance Shipping Notice (ASN) transaction set?

The X12 EDI 856 Advance Shipping Notice (ASN) provides detailed information suppliers send buyers about an order’s pending shipment and expected delivery. While an ASN message uses segments and elements defined by the ANSI X12 EDI 856 guideline, the specific order, content, and shipping details required in ASNs also differ by trading partner.

Associated with an EDI 850 Purchase Order, the EDI 856 or ASN delineates precisely what’s being shipped and how in advance of delivery. EDI 856 is generally required by purchasers of any size, making ASNs one of the most frequent EDI transactions.

EDI 856 is one of the most complicated transaction codes to implement. First, trading partners can customize requirements. Additionally, ASNs contain multiple levels of hierarchical information and source a massive volume of data.

Regulations may also apply to specific information required. For example, FDA regulation on traceability affects ASNs sent by perishable food shippers.

EDI 856 Data Elements

In addition to listing the contents of a shipment, the EDI 856 transaction includes order specifics, product descriptions, types of packaging used, carrier information and more. Components include:

  • Purchase order number and details
  • Item details and quantities
  • Ship date and expected delivery date
  • Shipment tracking information
  • Item tracking where applicable
  • Packaging type(s)
  • Packaging configuration in transport equipment
  • UCC128/GS1 Numbers

International shipments may have additional reporting requirements.

An EDI 997 Acknowledgement may be sent in response to receipt of an ASN.


EDI X12 Transactions in PilotFish Integration Engine

Example of EDI 856 Transaction in PilotFish Data Mapper


EDI 856 is used in concert with EDI 850 Purchase Order, EDI 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgement, EDI 810 Invoice, and EDI 820 Remittance Advice. Electronic documents and automation allow shipping, purchase order, and invoice processes to be more efficiently audited and reconciled. Modern supply chain management relies on EDI Integration of these key transactions for planning, analysis, and improved financial performance.

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