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Getting Started with PilotFish Integration

PilotFish and DAS/BEST have been working together to make it easy to get started with the PilotFish integration products.

If this is your agency’s first experience with the software, use these simple steps to ensure a productive initial experience:

1. Contact the State’s Coordinator at DAS/BEST for a Project Consultation.

The state has assigned stewards of the PilotFish products within the State of Connecticut. They are familiar with the product capabilities, past and present initiatives, and how the software fits in with other IT assets. They will provide an objective analysis of your project requirements and assist in determining whether PilotFish is a good fit. Contact the state’s PilotFish Coordinator at DAS/BEST.

2. Review the PilotFish Integration Project Questionnaire.

CT-Req-docThrough years of experience with integration projects, PilotFish has assembled a list of questions that should be answered and materials that should be gathered to prepare for a new project kickoff. PilotFish has worked with the state to refine these questions to best suit state agencies’ needs and has published them as a requirement gathering template. Note that this document is not intended to add red tape but rather to prompt thought and discussion around important aspects of any integration project and ensure the objectives are met. After you have completed the questionnaire, please submit it to the state’s coordinator for review.

3. Schedule a Face-to-Face Discussion with the PilotFish Services Team.

Once your initial project requirements are well understood, DAS/BEST will work with you to schedule a complimentary face-to-face discussion with the PilotFish services team. During this meeting, we will seek to understand the business and technical requirements of your effort. We will demonstrate the features of the PilotFish eiConsole and eiPlatform products that may be leveraged to meet those requirements. We will also assist in estimating the level of effort required to complete PilotFish-related components of the project.

First-time implementers with clear requirements and a definitive schedule may also be eligible for additional consulting/development help at no charge. Contact Connecticut’s PilotFish Coordinator at DAS/BEST.

4. PilotFish Support is Available.

PilotFish is available to provide professional services support to interested agencies and other State entities. A number of options are available to contract with staff for additional training, consulting, interface development, and dedicated staff augmentation.  Please contact PilotFish directly to determine the most efficient and effective way to engage.

5. Implement Your First Interface!

PilotFish will guide you through the installation of the appropriate eiConsole and eiPlatform software to support your initial project. The eiConsole is always installed on your developers’ local workstations. The eiPlatform server component may reside on a department/agency-hosted server or in the shared services infrastructure at DAS/BEST – whichever is architecturally a better fit for the project. No eiPlatform instances will be shared between departments and agencies.

Typically, the PilotFish services team will also act in a mentorship capacity during the project’s construction phase. For the first interface, PilotFish will often do the majority of the development work with your staff watching and learning. For the second interface, your team will take the wheel with PilotFish available to assist as needed. This approach will help to ensure both a successful implementation and efficient knowledge transfer.

6. Become an Expert at PilotFish Development.

After the hands-on training that accompanies the initial implementation, formal training helps your development staff bone up on previously overlooked details and master additional aspects of the product set.

PilotFish has created a complete learning center with online tutorials. Go to PilotFish’s Online Product Resource Center for video tutorials and technical documentation.

Want to learn more and see how PilotFish products can help your agency or department? Contact Connecticut’s PilotFish Coordinator at DAS/BEST.

Ready to get started now? Download a full license for state employees now.

Not a State of Connecticut department or agency? Call PilotFish at 860 632 9900, or click the button below, for a free consultation and let us show you how you can benefit from this breakthrough technology, too.

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