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PilotFish Leading the Way

The entire range of PilotFish’s offerings is built upon a foundation of practical experience and demonstrable success. The company was founded in 2001 with a focus on financial services and insurance. PilotFish has since expanded into other industry verticals. Over these years, we have experienced rapid growth and widespread acceptance of our products and services with thousands of connection points all over the globe.

PilotFish products have been implemented in more than 30 countries and our clients include some of the largest organizations in the world as well as national government entities. PilotFish addresses specific integration requirements in Financial Services, Insurance, Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Travel & Hospitality and Human Resources.

PilotFish tools have become “the standard” for XML standards implementation. Our clients include several XML standards organizations. These standards organizations have recognized the value of PilotFish’s specific focus on industries and have licensed PilotFish software to simplify and expedite the implementation of their standards by its constituents. Our software has also been implemented by standards organizations to automate the testing and validation of member messages.

Please call us at 860 632 9900 or click the link below to email us for a list of clients in the industry of your focus.

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