Value Added Reseller License

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Resell and Leverage PilotFish’s Best-of-Breed Solutions to Solve You and Your Customer’s Most Challenging Integration Requirements

Need to deploy to the cloud? Need to replace a homegrown integration engine that is taking too much time to maintain and taking away too many resources from your core focus? Need a modern robust integration engine to add to your product offerings?

PilotFish makes it easy with a ready-to-go integration engine solution that can handle any integration requirement.  No matter what the requirement, PilotFish has a licensing option that works with your requirements and business model.

PilotFish’s Value Added Reseller (VAR) program enables any authorized partner to resell licenses of its proven integration engine solution. The product’s unique architecture offers virtually unlimited extensibility and flexibility to meet an organization’s exact requirements, today and in the future. Proprietary formats, legacy formats, and modern formats are all supported while future formats can be easily supported via an Open API. An investment in PilotFish assures organizations that they have a future-proof solution that can grow with them.

The ease-of-use of the eiConsole IDE helps organizations get to market faster and leverage business analysts to assist with interface development and maintenance while freeing up developers to do the heavy lifting. The PilotFish integration engine also takes development and maintenance of an integration capability out of the critical path, so organizations have time and resources to focus on their core businesses.

To learn more about our Value Added Reseller license, please contact us at 860 632 9900 or click the link below.

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