Integration Engine Solutions for Insurance

Proven Integration Engine Solutions for Risk-Free Insurance Implementations

For over 23 years, carriers, third-party providers and distributors have relied on PilotFish to support the integration of disparate internal and external systems. Today, PilotFish is a connection point either to or from virtually all of the top 20 carriers with millions of transactions traversing its engines.  Companies trust us for middleware solutions that support any integration scenario, no matter how simple or complex.

PilotFish remains committed to delivering the most productive, effective and risk-free insurance integration solutions on the market. We offer comprehensive support for any insurance standard including ACORD (LAH, PCS, RLC, AML) AL3, CITS, CLIEDIS, DTCC, HIPAA, NAILBA and any data format (X12 EDI, CSV, XLS / XLSX, JSON, PDF and Binary). PilotFish is highly regarded for its exceptional track record of on-time and on-budget implementations throughout the industry.

Note: For healthcare-specific data integration, visit PilotFish’s Healthcare Focused Website.

The Trusted Name in Insurance Integration

PilotFish is the only certified Alliance Partner of the Medical Information Bureau (MIB, Inc.) and has been since 2003. MIB’s member companies account for 99% of the individual life insurance policies and 80% of health and disability policies issued in the United States and Canada. PilotFish is proud to have enabled the integration of more of MIB’s Carrier customers than all other middleware providers combined. 

Read our Insurance Integration Case Studies and learn how leading solutions providers across the insurance industry partnered with PilotFish to gain a competitive advantage.  From legacy systems, data silos, standards, new technologies, big data, constrained resources, connectivity issues, and more our case studies detail how we have met insurance integration challenges, implemented systems faster and improved revenues.

The Leader in ACORD Standards Integration

ACORD XML is the recognized standard for integration within insurance.  With PilotFish powering their solutions, companies have leveraged the ACORD standard and reaped the benefits of lowered IT costs, improved operational efficiency and workflow, streamlined business acquisitions and overall reduced risk. PilotFish’s 23 years+ experience working with ACORD and member organizations has made us the undisputed expert and recognized leader in ACORD standards integration:

  • ACORD itself has licensed PilotFish software.
  • PilotFish is the engine behind ACORD’s Testing & Certification Facility (TCF) and Lloyd’s of London’s Exchange for validating member messages based on ACORD standards.
  • The eiConsole for ACORD (IDE) is exclusively available to ACORD members via download on the ACORD website.

Powerful Products for Insurance Integration and More

Since its inception, PilotFish has been purely focused on integration. We have developed a suite of products that are architected to make integration easier, speed up the implementation process and allow non-developers to participate in the building, maintenance and deployment of interfaces. We have continuously innovated and added complementary products to our core integration engine solution that offer users tremendous value and productivity gains. These offerings include:

eiConsole for Insurance – PilotFish’s graphical Integrated Development Environment (IDE) was created for the express purpose of developing, testing, deploying, managing and maintaining interfaces. It features PilotFish’s exclusive graphical 7-stage Assembly Line that frees organizations from dependencies on who created an interface and allows non-developers to do as much as 90% of the interfacing work.

eiConsole for ACORD – In addition to all the standard features of the IDE, PilotFish’s eiConsole for ACORD includes the ability to import ACORD XSD and ACORD Metadata, pre-built templates for ACORD LAH and P&C transactions, one-click upgrades from one release of the ACORD standard to another as well as many other ACORD specific tools.

eiConsole for DTCC – In addition to all the standard features of the IDE, PilotFish’s eiConsole for DTCC provides extensive DTCC-specific features including support for both IPS flat file layouts and the ACORD Standard DTCC TXLife Transactions.

eiPlatform (Enterprise Integration Platform) – PilotFish’s complete Java framework supports the high volume, secure, run-time processing of interfaces developed using the eiConsole. It offers the most flexibility of any product on the market and is system, platform and database agnostic. It provides virtually unlimited extensibility using Open Source components using our Open API or .Net bridge.

eiDashboard – PilotFish’s web-based application that offers RESTful-based, real-time operational interface monitoring and management, plus custom reporting.

eiTestBed for Insurance – PilotFish’s self-service online resource for trading partner onboarding that enables the automated validation and certification of trading partners’ messages to standardize initial and ongoing information exchange.

ACORD Model Viewers (LAH & PCS) – Free online references for the ACORD Data Model.


Free the Power of Valuable Business Assets

The flexibility and power of PilotFish’s comprehensive, end-to-end insurance integration solution lets insurance companies leverage the full value of their data. PilotFish makes it easy to take advantage of ACORD and other industry standards to enable new revenue models as well as realize cost savings and increased effectiveness now.

PilotFish can help you capture the full value of the rewards/opportunities inherent in your data assets and drive competitive advantage. Let us conduct a Free Use Case Evaluation for you to determine where PilotFish can provide the most value to your organization and solve your most complex integration challenges.

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