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Proven Integration Engine Solutions for Risk-Free Insurance Implementations

For over 23 years, carriers, third-party providers, and distributors have relied on PilotFish for seamless integration of disparate internal and external systems. Today, PilotFish is a pivotal connection point for 90% of the top 20 carriers, with millions of transactions flowing through its engines. Companies trust us for middleware solutions that support any integration scenario, regardless of complexity.

PilotFish is committed to delivering the most productive, effective, risk-free insurance integration solutions. We offer comprehensive support for a wide array of insurance standards, including ACORD (LAH, PCS, RLC, AML), AL3, CITS, CLIEDIS, DTCC, HIPAA and NAILBA, as well as any data format such as X12 EDI, CSV, XLS/XLSX, JSON, PDF and Binary. Our exceptional track record of on-time and on-budget implementations has made us highly regarded throughout the industry.

Our focus on insurance standards and decades of experience enables us to provide unparalleled expertise. As the only certified Alliance Partner of the Medical Information Bureau (MIB, Inc.) since 2003, PilotFish has facilitated the integration of more MIB Carrier customers than all other middleware providers combined. MIB’s member companies account for 99% of the individual life insurance policies and 80% of health and disability policies issued in the United States and Canada.

The Trusted Name in Insurance Integration

PilotFish’s extensive experience with ACORD standards has made us the undisputed leader in ACORD standards integration. ACORD itself has licensed PilotFish software, and we power ACORD’s Testing & Certification Facility (TCF) as well as Lloyd’s of London’s Exchange to validate member messages based on ACORD standards. Our eiConsole for ACORD (IDE) is exclusively available to ACORD members via download on the ACORD website (ACORD members qualify for a free PilotFish eiConsole for ACORD.

Powerful Products for Insurance Integration and More

PilotFish’s suite of products is designed to simplify integration, speed up the implementation process and allow non-developers to participate in building, maintaining and deploying interfaces. Our continuous innovation has added complementary products to our core integration engine, offering users significant value and productivity gains. Our products include:

  • The eiConsole for Insurance is PilotFish’s powerful graphical Integrated Development Environment (IDE) designed to develop, test, deploy, manage and maintain interfaces. This IDE features PilotFish’s unique graphical 7-stage Assembly Line, allowing organizations to streamline their integration processes. This tool will enable non-developers to handle up to 90% of the interfacing work, reducing dependency on the original developers and speeding up project timelines.
  • The eiConsole for ACORD builds on the IDE’s standard features, adding capabilities tailored to ACORD standards. Users can import ACORD XSD and Metadata, utilize pre-built templates for ACORD Life, Annuity & Health (LAH) and Property & Casualty (P&C) transactions and perform one-click upgrades between different ACORD standard releases. These features simplify the integration process and ensure compliance with industry standards.
  • The eiConsole for DTCC includes all standard IDE features and adds extensive support for DTCC-specific requirements. It supports IPS flat file layouts and ACORD Standard DTCC TXLife Transactions, providing a comprehensive solution for organizations needing to integrate with DTCC systems.
  • PilotFish’s eiPlatform is a complete Java framework designed for high-volume, secure runtime processing of interfaces developed with the eiConsole. Known for its flexibility, the eiPlatform is system, platform and database agnostic, offering virtually unlimited extensibility through Open Source components and PilotFish’s Open API or .Net bridge.
  • The eiDashboard is a web-based application from PilotFish that provides RESTful-based, real-time operational interface monitoring and management. It also offers custom reporting features, enabling organizations to track their integration processes effectively.
  • PilotFish’s eiTestBed for Insurance is a self-service online resource designed for trading partner onboarding. It automates validating and certifying trading partners’ messages, standardizing initial and ongoing information exchange. This tool enhances efficiency and ensures compliance with industry standards.
  • ACORD Model Viewers (LAH & PCS) PilotFish offers ACORD Model Viewers as free online references for the ACORD Data Model. These tools provide easy access to ACORD Life, Annuity & Health (LAH) and Property & Casualty (PCS) data models, assisting organizations in maintaining compliance and streamlining their data management processes.

Insurance Case Studies and Success Stories

PilotFish’s case studies demonstrate our ability to solve complex integration challenges, improve operational efficiency and enhance revenue streams. Our solutions have helped organizations overcome issues related to legacy systems, data silos, new technologies, big data, constrained resources and connectivity.

For instance, one of our case studies details how we helped a leading insurance company modernize its EDI claims processing system and compliance infrastructure, resulting in faster, easier migration from a sunsetted EDI system, Easy Migration from Sunsetted EDI Claims System.

Another case study highlights how we enabled a health services organization to enhance its data integration solution, supporting rapid growth and improved efficiencies, read X12 EDI Specialty Health Insurance Integration.

PilotFish’s flexibility and adaptability allow us to meet the evolving needs of the insurance industry, leveraging new technologies to provide greater operational efficiencies, productivity gains and deliver better system performance. For more detailed case studies, visit our Case Studies website page.

Unlock the Potential of Your Business Data

PilotFish’s comprehensive, end-to-end insurance integration solutions empower insurance companies to maximize the value of their data assets. Our flexible and powerful platform makes leveraging ACORD and other industry standards easy, enabling new revenue models, cost savings and increased operational efficiency.

By harnessing PilotFish’s solutions, you can fully capitalize on the opportunities inherent in your data, driving competitive advantage and business growth. Let us help you identify where PilotFish can provide the most value to your organization through a Free Use Case Evaluation. Our experts will analyze your integration needs and recommend tailored solutions to tackle your most complex integration challenges. Contact Us for healthcare-specific data integration or visit PilotFish’s Healthcare-Focused Website.

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