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State of Connecticut Enterprise License

The State of Connecticut has an Enterprise License of PilotFish’s Integration Engine, the eiPlatform and the eiConsole – the graphical, developer’s workstation complement. Any state agency or department, including State Universities and Medical Centers, may utilize this software as part of the State’s license. Several state agencies have benefited from implementing this software by speeding up product deliveries and improving the state’s responsiveness.

PilotFish Client Product Quote“The agency outsourced .NET developers estimate a 50-75% time savings using Pilotfish over a .NET solution.”


Department of Social Services (DSS) Quick Project

Interested in utilizing this technology? Learn more in the PilotFish Products Q&A section or contact the state’s CJIS Program Coordinator at the Department of Information Technology.

What is the eiPlatform?

The eiPlatform is an enterprise integration middleware solution utilizing a complete Java framework that leverages application server technology, web services and industry XML standards for the rapid deployment of internal and external systems. The eiPlatform’s modern architecture makes it extremely flexible, extensible and very compatible with existing systems. It can be interfaced with both legacy and modern systems.

  • All of the components that comprise the eiPlatform framework and deployed interfaces are easily configurable and extensible through open APIs.
  • Easily connect any system to any other system(s), application(s) or database(s).
  • Expose both modern (e.g., web service) and legacy (e.g., file-based) endpoints.
  • Achieve truly multithreaded transaction handling, configurable on a per-system, per-interface, or per-stage level.
  • Efficiently manage both large batch transmissions and high-volume real-time transactions.
  • Configure text, file, and/or database logging of transaction activity.
  • Immediately address problems with real-time alerting on failed transactions via e-mail, SNMP, or custom behavior.

What is the eiConsole?

The eiConsole is a developer’s workstation which features a graphical user interface that makes it extremely easy to build, manage and maintain interfaces. Using an Assembly Line process users configure an interface assisted by easy-to-fill-out configuration screens and drop-down menus.

PilotFish eiConsole Interface or Route Management

A graphical 3-panel Data Mapper makes data mapping as simple as drag & drop while generating W3C compliant XSLT under the covers. By switching to the XSLT tab, XSLT can be directly edited. The Data Mapper allows any function or calculation that can be performed by programming to be done graphically using drag & drop. Any mapping, no matter how complex, can easily be accomplished.

Data Mapper in eiConsole Integration Engine

Additionally, the eiConsole offers a complete graphical testing facility. End-to-end testing complete with full error detail and logging can be accomplished right within the application, without any additional hardware or wait time.

End-to-End Route Testing & Logging in eiConsole

Want to learn more and see how PilotFish products can help your agency or department? Click to contact the state’s CJIS Program Coordinator at the Department of Information Technology

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