Reinsurance ACORD Tools

eiConsole for Reinsurance vs General Integration Tools

Use this chart to see how your integration solution stacks up to the award-winning eiConsole for Insurance.

 eiConsole Non-Insurance Specific Tools (NIT) Impact
Ability to read in ACORD PCS and ACORD RLC XSD and their associated metadata files with a few mouse clicks.Unable to read ACORD MetaData file eliminating critical documentation necessary to map fields to the ACORD schema.Thousands of hours
Ability to import XML representations of file formats such as SAP IDoc, AL3, EDIFACT, and Excel spreadsheets and flat file including associated documentation.Unable to read spreadsheets or documentation requiring manual re-keying of information.Thousands of hours
Provides templates for all of the ACORD PCS and ACORD RLC transactions (eliminating having to review implementation guides and custom defining transactions).With Non-Insurance Specific Tools you would have to leave the development environment to use other tools, and then once the appropriate matching field is found, manually input the data.Thousands of hours
Provides the ability to import Source or Target XML formats as templates in the data mapping component making transformations to the desired XML format a simple “drag & drop” exercise.Limited or no templates are available.Thousands of hours
Support for mapping recursive elements (for example, multiple Parties differentiated by Role) eliminates the confusing and error-prone process of drawing connecting lines with ambiguous annotations.Not available. The XSLT has to be manually created.Thousands of hours
All of the Codelists (P&C) are automatically imported and mapped with “drag & drop” simplicity using an intuitive Tabular Mapper saving thousands of hours.NIT only allows one-to-one relationships between the source and target data, which is usually accomplished by connecting lines. The ACORD model requires repeating elements such as Party, which is defined by Role Code.Thousands of hours (in some cases this has caused the project to fail)
An integrated schema maintenance component includes standards-compliant schema maintenance features to allow users to manage internal canonical models and derivations, and extensions of insurance industry standards and upgrades to new releases of Standards.Not available.Thousands of hours
Support from insurance industry experts.Usually not available.Hundreds of hours
Includes a fully functional file specification editor that directly imports and transforms non-XML files such as SAP IDoc, AL3, EDIFACT, and Excel to and from an XML representation.Usually not available.Hundreds of hours
General Capabilities
Infrastructure agnostic – Platform, operating system, database, communication protocol and application server independent.Often infrastructure dependent.Depends on infrastructure
Ability to import into Data Mapper any source and target formats. For example: XSD, XML, VSAM, DDL, ACORD, and AL3.Usually limited. Not available.Hundreds of hours
Ability to manage (find, filter, sort) all of the interfacesNot available.Hundreds/thousands of hours

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