State of Connecticut – Department of Social Services (DSS)

State of Connecticut – Department of Social Services (DSS)

An early adopter of PilotFish’s integration solutions, CT’s Department of Social Services has already implemented several interfaces utilizing the State’s Enterprise license:

DSS Interfaces the Fed’s Office of Child Support (OCSE) QUICK System with State’s Case Management Platform

Using PilotFish software, the Department of Social Services has completed an interface between the Federal government’s OCSE (Office of Child Support Enforcement) “QUICK” system and the State’s in-house case management platform. This accomplishment allows the State to commence participation in a nationwide clearinghouse for child support case information and to provide rapid response times.

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Connecticut DSS builds interface using PilotFish software

In this implementation, DSS implemented a set of custom web services to front-end the agency system. In turn, the PilotFish product suite was used to create a set of “adapter” web services in compliance with the web services descriptions (WSDLs) published by the Federal Government. With these adapter services in place, the federal system can communicate with the DSS system using the web-based API that it requires, while Connecticut’s internal system can be spared from otherwise costly coding changes.

The Key components of these integration projects were:

  • Federal web service integration
  • WSDL
  • XML / Web Services
  • Legacy system integration
  • XSLT Data Transformation

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