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EDI HIPAA Integration, Validation and Code Set Maintenance with PilotFish

A Complete Solution Suite for X12 EDI HIPAA Integration with Validation and
Code Set Maintenance that Supports All Transactions


PilotFish’s eiSuite EDI SNIP4+ solution converts documents to XML, providing improved parsing, transformation and validation as well as greater interoperability with other systems. The eiSuite offers rules generated from X12 documentation included directly within the validation processor, highly scalable and tunable multi-threaded framework execution of validation rules, and external code set testing (SNIP level 5). Also, additional rules can be created for SNIP 6 and 7 service and customer-specific rules using the tool’s rules XML format. These advanced capabilities provide superior accuracy, efficiency, flexibility and scalability for a streamlined and customized validation process. Streamline your business operations with unparalleled efficiency and accuracy today with our EDI integration solution.


The eiSuite EDI SNIP4+ solution supports: 

  • Connectivity, data transformation, validation, routing and delivery
  • All X12 EDI transaction sets for Healthcare and the Healthcare Supply Chain, including EDI 270, 271, 275, 276, 277, 278, 810, 820, 824, 832, 834, 835, 837-P, 837-D, 837-I, 846, 850, 855, 997, 999, TA1
  • Validation of SNIP Levels 1 through 7 utilizing a hyper-speed EDI Validation Processor
  • Instant SNIP Level 5 validation against 37 External Code Sets comprised of millions of individual codes
  • Optional subscription for continuous update and maintenance of External Code Sets
  • Real-time operational insight into transaction processing, including dynamic reporting and data visualization


The eiSuite EDI SNIP4+ solution offers these features:

  • EDI Documents are converted to XML for parsing, transformation and validation.
    Converting EDI documents to XML format provides improved parsing, easier transformation and validation, and greater interoperability with other systems that support XML. This approach provides you with greater flexibility and accuracy when processing EDI documents.
  • XML formatted EDI is run through the PilotFish EDI SNIP validation processor to output a validation result XML document for downstream processing.
    The benefit of this approach is that it provides a standardized and structured format for downstream processing. The validation result XML document contains detailed information on syntax and semantic errors in the original EDI document, allowing downstream systems to access and process the results easily. This approach provides an efficient and reliable method to manage EDI validation.
  • Rules are generated from X12 documentation and are included directly inside the Validation Processor.
    This process improves the accuracy, efficiency, maintenance and flexibility of the validation process. It provides a reliable and effective approach to EDI validation, ensuring that EDI documents are validated accurately and consistently while adaptable to changing requirements.
  • About the PilotFish EDI SNIP Validation Processor.
    An EDI message can have problems that corrupt or invalidate the message contents. The EDI specification includes SNIP Levels 1-7 to ensure a given EDI message is EDI-compliant and passes specific criteria for being well-formed. PilotFish includes an EDI SNIP Validation Processor that provides SNIP validation out-of-the-box for Levels 1-3 and Levels 4-7 as an optional add-on. Levels 6 and 7 are configurable to support trading partner-specific Code Sets and implementation guidelines set by the trading partner.


Configuration Options in PilotFish SNIP Validation Processor

PilotFish SNIP Validation Processor offers users an easy-to-use
configurable panel to set validation rules.


  • Each validation rule is executed against the document using a highly scalable and tunable multi-threaded framework.
    This approach provides improved performance, flexibility, scalability and accuracy. It also enables the parallel processing of multiple documents, optimizes resource allocation and reduces the risk of errors, resulting in a more efficient and reliable validation process.
  • External code set testing (SNIP 5) is applied to the configuration by supplying a delimited file that can be self-generated following our format or provided by our Codes Database.
    This feature provides improved accuracy, greater flexibility, reduced maintenance and increased efficiency in EDI processing. It also allows the tool to validate codes automatically against external code sets, reducing the need for manual validation and improving overall EDI processing.


Configuration for EDI Code Set Validation File
External code set testing for SNIP 5 is done in a configuration panel by supplying a delimited file that can be self-generated following our format or provided by our Codes Database.


  • Additional rules can be created for the SNIP 6 and 7 service and customer-specific rules using our rules XML format.
    This feature provides customization, accuracy, flexibility and scalability to the EDI validation process. It also allows users to tailor the validation process to meet their specific business requirements, validating EDI documents accurately and efficiently.


EDI SNIP4+ Workflow

EDI transaction workflow with Code Set Validation in EDI SNIP4+ by PilotFishEDI transaction workflow with Code Set Validation in EDI SNIP4+ by PilotFish
EDI transaction workflow with Code Set Validation in EDI SNIP4+ by PilotFishEDI transaction workflow with Code Set Validation in EDI SNIP4+ by PilotFish

(Click each quadrant to enlarge the image.)


SNIP Validation in eiConsole for X12 EDI

PilotFish Support for SNIP Validation Levels: 

  • In SNIP Level 1-3, rules are automatically derived directly from the implementation guide schema for a one-to-one match, ensuring syntax and standards consistency.
  • For SNIP Level 4, others validate only a partial set of semantic rules. PilotFish validates a much more complete set of semantic rules as defined in the HIPAA X12 EDI implementation guides.


eiConsole X12 EDI IDE by PilotFish

The eiConsole for X12 EDI, the Developers Workstation, is one of the components
of the eiSuite for EDI SNIP4+. Shown above is an example interface with
the Validation Processor configuration window.


  • For SNIP Level 5, PilotFish validates against all external codes in the database, flags errors for remediation and regularly updates and maintains codes for you.
  • For SNIP Level 6-7, PilotFish offers the ability to customize codes to your business type and needs.
  • PilotFish provides the ability to test every transaction sent or received to validate transaction compliance.
  • The PilotFish product suite incorporates knowledge derived from extensive X12 EDI experience, so users can trust it to help stay compliant and avoid risks.

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