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Industry XML Integration Solution


Overcome the challenges of having to work with technologies implemented before or without regard to EDI, HL7 and XML standards. PilotFish tools enable the sharing of information across the entire health industry value chain. A specific emphasis on supporting HL7 and industry XML standards, taken together with many other productivity-enhancing features, allows the eiConsole for Healthcare (workstation IDE) and the eiPlatform for Healthcare (Java Runtime) to deliver on the promise of a seamlessly integrated healthcare organization whether or not legacy systems, EDI, HL7 or XML standards (or a combination) are being used.


PilotFish offers integration tools for implementing EDI and XML standards including ACORD, AL3, CITS, CLIEDIS, DTCC, HIPAA and NAILBA. Our tools, ACORD subject matter expertise and long term commitment to the ACORD standard are some of the reasons why PilotFish is a recognized leader in tools for ACORD implementations, and ACORD is itself a licensee of PilotFish software. Our eiPlatform (JAVA runtime product is the engine behind the ACORD Testing and Certification Facility (TCF) that is used to validate ACORD members’ messages. PilotFish and ACORD collaborated on the development of the eiConsole for ACORD, the leading tool for ACORD integration.


MISMO and Financial XML Standards Implementation Tools that let you leverage application server technology and enables seamless communication. Benefit from a proven integration solution that supports the unique requirements of MISMO, DTCC and other financial XML standards.

Human Resources

PilotFish’s integration solution is uniquely architected to handle the complex nuances of the HR-XML standard to help you get your projects done faster and create deliverables of higher quality. It is why the HR-XML Consortium itself is a licensee of our software and has partnered with PilotFish to offer its tools to its members.


Software tools, using an XML hub architecture, can help bridge the gap between old, new and disparate systems within all branches of government, enabling them to “speak” to one another regardless of what platform, operating system, database or communication protocol is involved. Additionally, a graphical IDE workstation makes data exchange between all branches of government a seamless process.


PilotFish allows you to leverage Application Server technology, web services and industry XML standards including OpenTravel and other XML standards to enable the fastest and easiest deployment of legacy and modern systems with focused tooling that facilitates implementation. Using PilotFish you can enjoy specific support for OpenTravel with features including transaction templates for all 240+ OpenTravel messages and support for OpenTravel-compliant Model extensions.

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