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PilotFish Integration Platform List of Core Products

PilotFish Suite of Integration Solutions

The entire range of PilotFish’s offerings is built upon a foundation of practical experience and demonstrable success. Since our founding in 2001, we have experienced rapid growth and widespread acceptance of our products and services. As our clients will attest, we have maintained an unparalleled track record of successful, on-time, on-budget implementations.

At PilotFish, we are both the developers and users of our integration products. The eiPlatform, eiConsole and eiDashboard were all conceived, developed, and enhanced in response to the specific needs of our integration specialists working on actual projects. Today, many of the largest companies in the world have come to rely on our products and services and value our expertise.

We focus on Java, J2EE, XML, Web Services and related e-commerce technologies; yet possess a fundamental understanding of the legacy systems still prevalent today. While many might argue that the older legacy systems are obstacles to exploiting Web Services and other e-commerce technologies, we have shown again and again, without exception, the ability to unlock the enormous benefits that e-commerce technology offers with a very modest investment.

Beyond our integration products and associated services, PilotFish offers complementary services, including technical staff augmentation, management consulting, application development and product training. Our many industry and technology partners and associations allow us to provide even greater breadth and depth of service to our customers. Our clients can utilize the entire spectrum of our services or just those required to meet specific needs.

eiPlatform  – Integration Engine

eiConsole  – Integration Engine IDE

eiDashboard – Interface Reporting & Management

eiSuite EDI SNIP4+ – X12 EDI Integration Suite

Model Viewers  – Schema & Vocabulary Tool

eiTestBed – Customer Onboarding Facility

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